This is a special, highly practice oriented out-of-classroom program adapted to the specific needs individuals and small teams. The goal is to provide students with the experience of planning, developing and building a real new venture. The learning would largely take place as a result of actually starting and/or...
Credits: 3.0
Instructor: Davide Torsello
Credits: 2.0
Branding is a constantly evolving and fascinating area: building strong brands has always been the Holy Grail of business success. Most areas of business just like the economy change at an unprecedented speed. However, one thing does not change: while finance, HR, even operations are being outsourced, branding will...
Instructor: Éva Halász
Credits: 1.5
CEU Careers partners with CEU students and alumni, offering guidance, support, and information as they develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success. We offer assistance in connecting academic learning with possible career options, gaining insights into specific career fields, and performing a job search...
Instructor: Anna Kaposvári
Credits: 1.0
ATTN: This is an intensive-weekend elective. Actual classes will be held over one weekend only. As described below, the significant Groundwork Project, completed in groups, is required before that weekend. Because of the weight of this project in the final course grades, students who register for this course after...
Instructor: Maciej Kisilowski
Credits: 1.5