Project management is at the heart of business change. All projects, in some way, result from and give rise to change. However, many project management publications focus on elements such as engineering or information technology, removing the focus from strategic corporate needs. This course is designed to demonstrate...
Instructor: István Ottó Nagy
Credits: 2.0
Business Anthropology is a flourishing sector in which anthropologists, who specialize in studying cultural and social differences, apply their knowledge, skills and research methods to improve business performance, competitiveness and communication. Business anthropologists are able to help corporations develop...
Instructor: Davide Torsello
Credits: 1.5
This is a special, highly practice oriented out-of-classroom program adapted to the specific needs individuals and small teams. The goal is to provide students with the experience of planning, developing and building a real new venture. The learning would largely take place as a result of actually starting and/or...
Credits: 3.0
We will discover the latest digital trends, tools, and techniques that help companies in brand development and turning brand values to actual sales. Students will have the chance to follow real life examples from integrating digital methods into marketing plans through the campaign management to the evaluation of the...
Instructor: Tibor Farkas
Credits: 1.5
This course is about one of the most important key objectives of each and every decisionmaker: how to make their constituency(country, company and other institutions) more competitive. In our global environment the objective is relevant only in international context – therefore our focus is on international...
Instructor: Noémi Alexa
Credits: 1.5
The objective of this course is to equip students with analytical frameworks and tools by which they will be able to generate venture ideas and to launch new companies. Special attention is paid to the creation of companies using modern technology components and solutions. Students, who successfully complete the...
Instructor: Gyorgy Bőgel
Credits: 2.0
The aim of the course is to provide a broad understanding of the principles and techniques of finance, and to apply these to decisions faced by financial managers. The learning objectives will be achieved through the discussion of both theory and real-world applications.Understanding the problems covered in the course...
Instructor: Adam Zawadowski
Credits: 3.0
This course will be made up the following elements:A) A series of workshop session focusing on your personal current leadership approach and style. You will explore your current way of dealing with challenges and how you interact with others, superiors, colleagues and subordinates. Based on this analysis we will ask...
Instructor: Zoltan Buzady
Credits: 2.0
CEU Careers partners with CEU students and alumni, offering guidance, support, and information as they develop and pursue personal visions for impact and success. We offer assistance in connecting academic learning with possible career options, gaining insights into specific career fields, and performing a job search...
Instructor: Anna Kaposvári
Credits: 1.0
Instructor: Joy Chan
Credits: 1.5