Poland: Fellowship with Support from Campaign Against Homophobia

CEU Executive MBA Fellowship with Support of Campaign Against Homophobia for an Outstanding LGBT Manager from Poland



In December 2019, CEU Executive MBA Program, with the support of Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii), established a highly competitive, merit-based Fellowship for an Outstanding LGBT Manager from Poland.

The winner of the Fellowship will receive up to 75 percent reduction of the full CEU Executive MBA tuition of EUR 25.000. The fellowship will be awarded to a non-heterosexual or non-cisgender manager who has succeeded in defying barriers and prejudices facing LGBT people in Poland and achieved high levels of professional recognition. 

Applicant should have at least 8 years of professional experience, including at least 3 years of documented leadership/managerial experience, an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification and who apply for the August 2021 intake of the CEU Executive MBA program via the regular application form.

"As a Polish academic working here in multicultural, diverse Vienna, I'm surprised how <<tolerance>> is often viewed in Poland as the highest possible ambition for LGBT inclusion," 

points out Prof. Maciej Kisilowski, Faculty Co-Director of CEU Executive MBA. "

At CEU we do not merely <<tolerate>> diversity -- we cherish it as a foundation of innovative thinking in an Open Society. That is why, we are excited to fund this generous fellowship for a distinguished LGBT manager.”

Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis. The Selection Committee reserves the right to choose awardees before the application deadline of June 6, 2021

About Campaign Against Homophobia 

Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii), established in 2001, is a major Polish nonprofit association supporting homosexual, bisexual and transgender people and their loved ones, through advocacy, education, and organizing a broad and diverse ally movement.  More info: kph.org.pl.

About CEU Executive MBA

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The Selection Committee

The competitive fellowship will be awarded by the unanimous decision of the following selection committee: 

From the Campaign Against Homophobia: 

  • Vyacheslav Melnyk - Chief Executive Officer, Campaign Against Homophobia
  • Aleksandra Muzińska -- Stefan Batory Foundation  

From Central European University: 

  • Prof. Mathias Moschel -- Chair of CEU Department of Legal Studies  
  • Prof. Violetta Zentai -- Co-Director, CEU Center for Policy Studies



For more information on the Fellowship, contact the Senior Program Manager Thomas Lammel (lammelt@ceu.edu)