Western Balkans: Fellowship with support from the Western Balkans Initiative/International Institute for Peace for a Manager in the Western Balkans for a Manager Promoting Transnational Cooperation

CEU Executive MBA Fellowship
with support from the Western Balkans Initiative/International Institute for Peace for a Manager in the Western Balkans with Distinguished Record of Promoting Transnational Cooperation



Central European University's Executive MBA Program is proud to launch the new scholarship program for a Manager in the Western Balkans with a Distinguished Record of Promoting Transnational Cooperation.

“Caught in a vicious circle between old-fashioned backwards-oriented politics and nationalism on the one hand and the lack of economic, educational, or social perspectives on the other, young generations in the Balkans seem to be losing patience and, when possible, emigrating to the West in search for a better life. UN agencies and experts speak about a massive demographic revolution in Southeastern Europe that is changing society more dramatically than past developments. Meanwhile, democracies in the region are vulnerable, and the EU integration process is not delivering fast results.” (Western Balkans Initiative, 2020)

CEU is seeking an entrepreneur or businessperson who has meaningfully and impactfully promoted transnational economic cooperation in the Western Balkans region. The recipient of the Fellowship will receive up to 75% percent reduction of the full CEU Executive MBA tuition of EUR 25.000. The fellowship will be awarded to a manager or entrepreneur in the Western Balkans region who has a proven track record of promoting cross-border economic cooperation.

Applicant should have at least 8 years of professional experience, including at least 3 years of documented leadership/managerial experience, an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification and who apply for the August 2021 intake of the CEU Executive MBA program via the regular application form.

"The Western Balkans’ future lies in being at the center of the European economy. This can only be achieved by working in close cooperation among its members and with its neighbors.

points out Prof. Yusaf Akbar, Faculty Co-Director of CEU Executive MBA.

Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis. The Selection Committee reserves the right to choose awardees before the application deadline of June 6, 2021. 

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For more information on the Fellowship, contact the Senior Program Manager Thomas Lammel (lammelt@ceu.edu)