Romania: Fellowship for a Manager from Economically Disadvantaged Background

CEU Executive MBA Fellowship for a Promising Manager from Economically Disadvantaged Background from Romania



In December 2019, CEU Executive MBA Program established a highly competitive, merit-based Fellowship for a Promising Manager from Economically Disadvantaged Background from Romania.

Both anecdotal experience and available quantitative studies show that Romania is a country marked by deep divide between its affluent professional population, mostly concentrated in big cities, and the rural and working class. According to Eurostat data, the ratio of an average income of the top 20% of the population to that of the bottom 20% is one of the largest in Europe.

In more unequal countries of the West, the discussion about upward mobility, or ability of people from poor, rural, single- or no-parent households to pursue the socio-economic advancement is the topic of intense interest in the public and professional discourse. Senior managers, distinguished scientists or politicians often take public pride of the fact that they come from modest backgrounds, that they are first generation to pursue university education.

The CEU Executive MBA Fellowship for a Promising Manager from Economically Disadvantaged Backgrounds aims to contribute to changing perceptions surrounding upward mobility as an important goal for young capitalist societies in Romania. The winner of the Fellowship will receive up to 75 percent reduction of the full CEU Executive MBA tuition of EUR 25.000.

The fellowship will be awarded to a promising manager or entrepreneur, who has succeeded in breaking through socio-economic barriers in Romania and who is a current resident of that country. This includes professionals who grew up in rural, working-class, single- or no-parent households, who are the first generation in their family to graduate from a university, or who had to deal with other social or economic adversities. A candidate should have an unblemished record of professional integrity.

Applicant should have at least 8 years of professional experience, including at least 3 years of documented leadership/managerial experience, an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification and who apply for the August 2021 intake of the CEU Executive MBA program via the regular application form.

"Romania is a notably unequal society and we want to reward and promote professionals who have made it despite coming from economically modest background," points out Prof. Maciej Kisilowski, Faculty Co-Director of CEU Executive MBA.

Applications will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis. The Selection Committee reserves the right to choose awardees before the application deadline of June 6, 2021

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