EMBA Curriculum

Our goal is simple: transform your professional future by taking you from operational and functional expertise to positions of strategic leadership within your organization.

With this aim in mind, we leverage CEU’s thought leadership and multidisciplinary research capabilities. Our experienced faculty will be with you all the way as you build your leadershipprofile. 

Strategic Innovation

CEU’s academic DNA revolves around the concept of the Open Society: a society without dogmas where conventional wisdom can be challenged. That spirit is essential for strategic innovation, which in today’s knowledge-intensive economy is key to long-term professional success. That is why strategic management is at the center of our curriculum.

At CEU, you will engage in a productive discussion about the rapidly changing levers of regional and global competitiveness.

You will also receive training on how to actively navigate a myriad of often contradictory social, political and technological forces that affect business and organizational performance. 

Building on Rigorous Models

Theory is the opposite of practice only when it’s a bad theory. From finance and marketing to strategy and big data, businesses are increasingly relying on rigorous models to structure their products, predict the behavior of consumers or competitors and ascertain the dynamic evolution of the broader business environment. Rather than hiring consultants, develop your own skills and use powerful managerial frameworks!

Decisions Based on Data

Corporate decisions are too often guided by stories, anecdotes or one-sided narratives. To maintain your edge, you need to become a native in a different decision-making style – one based on ever more available data. With one of the strongest Data Analytics faculties in continental Europe, CEU will prepare you for the data-driven business environment. 

Glocal Leadership That Works

Too often, European organizational behavior courses either “copy-paste” American approaches or focus on purely local war stories. The CEU Executive MBA offers an innovative third way. Our full-time faculty graduated from doctoral programs at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT and Insead. Our faculty members are deeply committed to Central and Eastern Europe, working with organizations throughout the region as consultants and coaches.

This is reflected in our proprietary CEU Leadership Program, which all Executive MBA students complete as part of their degree.

CEU Leadership Program offers cutting-edge organizational and leadership tools tailored to your local needs and conditions.

We train pragmatic leaders able to constructively nudge organizations towards better decisions and more innovative cultures. 

Preparation for the Future 

Global economy, society and politics are changing fast, and sometimes in rather hard-to-predict and unsettling ways. An important part of your Executive MBA is not only understanding the forces that have determined competitiveness in the past, but also applying foresight about trends, developments and risks for years to come. CEU’s unparalleled regional thought leadership in economics and sociology, as well as political, environmental, and network sciences allows us to connect you with Europe’s leading thinkers on how our continent will develop over the next decade. 

Fulfilling Professional Life

We do not study just to get promoted or receive a bigger paycheck. You are now at an important professional and personal juncture. Use CEU’s unique intellectual resources to self-reflect on your path so far and think about ways in which you can contribute in the future!