Need-based Scholarships

With campuses in Vienna and Budapest, CEU is proudly the university at the crossroads of West and East. The second most international university in the world, according to the Times Higher Education Ranking 2017, we pride ourselves with our ability to attract best and brightests not only from Western Europe and North America, but also from countries and regions that are underrepresented in many elite educational institutions. 

CEU EMBA is a part of this approach. Our alumni have consistently emphasized how the unique diversity of CEU creates a learning environment incomparable with any locally oriented program in the region. Our students and alumni also benefit from CEU’s tight-knit, global alumni network. 

CEU’s substantial endowment allows us to invest in geographic and industry diversity of CEU EMBA by creating a robust program of need-based scholarships.

These scholarships, which amount to a partial tuition reduction of up to 12.000 euro (48% of the total tuition), are available to qualified candidates who earn significantly less than in Western Europe, in line with their respective local market conditions. 

Available data shows that salaries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and North Africa constitute, on average, only 35% of the Western European median. There are obviously narrow groups of professionals that earn comparable or higher salaries than in the West. Virtually all business schools, by maintaining a single tuition offer for developed and middle-income countries alike, de facto limit their intakes to non-Western candidates from those select highly compensated industries, such as finance and consulting. 

We believe such an approach severely constraints the diversity of the class and the quality of the learning experience for everyone. A Central Asian manager working in a locally owned manufacturing company can earn a fraction of a salary earned by her Western European counterpart, but may contribute immensely to in-class discussions on strategies for competing with established multinationals or efficient operations management. An East European manager of a news portal may earn even less, but contribute to discussions of digital marketing, presentation skills or alternative approaches to motivation of knowledge workers. 

The applicants for our need-based scholarship working in select markets characterized by materially lower average salaries than those in Western Europe can apply through the Program Application.

As this is not a merit-based scholarship, scholarships are granted to all admitted candidates with demonstrated need, which is assessed based on the candidate’s annual income, number of dependents, and special life circumstances (such as disability or health issues of the candidate or in her family). Applying for the need-based scholarship does not affect your chances of being admitted to the program. 

Candidates from developed economies who nevertheless earn significantly less than the national averages can apply for the Open World Scholarship, especially when their earning gap is the result of discrimination, unique life challenges or pursuing a non-traditional career path.