CEU Executive MBA immerses you in intensive learning and personal development without sacrificing your professional schedule, personal passions or family commitments. Based on extensive consultation with our alumni, we have fine-tuned the most innovative EMBA program structure in the region: a program designed, from A to Z, with the needs of a working, mid-career professional in mind.

The fully US-accredited Executive MBA degree is offered to you over 28 months in just ten four-to-nine-day residencies. Most modules are centered around popular European holidays, including May 1 and November 1, where business is slower because of long weekends.

Our partners, Austrian Airlines and the Lufthansa Group, offer an attractive AA/LH-CEU Discount Program that allows you to conveniently and affordably fly from more than 50 destinations worldwide to attend our modules.

All in all, you will need just about 10 working days each calendar year, including travel, to graduate from our program. 

Our seven Vienna Modules (two or three each year) will be four-day-long (except for the first one, which is nine days in duration) and will be anchored around the May 1 and November 1 holidays, as well as in mid-March. Most of these modules start after lunch, allowing participants from Vienna or Bratislava to catch up with emails or do work in the morning before starting their studies.

Because our courses overlap with other CEU classes, you will get a good taste of CEU campus life, meet many of CEU’s world-class faculty and become a true member of our community. You will also be able to experience Vienna – the capital of the fourth most prosperous country in the EU, boasting 300 regional headquarters of prominent multinationals and a renowned home to culture and diplomacy. 

Our three Summer Modules, lasting nine days, will be offered in the slow season around the August 15 holiday.  Executive MBAs from three consecutive intakes take this module at the same time.

You will have chance to meet more than 200 top-level professionals from around the region and choose from an unparalleled elective selection offered both by the CEU faculty and visiting professors flying in from leading business schools in the world. 

Our Budapest campus offers state-of-the-art facilities for the summer module, affordable accommodation at a variety of our partner hotels and multitude of attractive sightseeing and vacationing options for families

Most of our competitors offer part-time programs that require you to devote either more than 150 afternoons/evenings or over 35 weekends to complete an MBA. At first glance, they seem to be easier on your work schedule, but alumni experience tells us otherwise. Afternoon programs seriously limit your work flexibility, including travel. Weekend programs lower your productivity by regularly depriving you of much needed weekend rest, as well as time with friends and family. Perhaps most importantly, neither format allows for commuting students, limiting the participants to residents of one city.

We believe an Executive MBA must be vibrantly diverse to be worthy of its name.

This is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, meet new people from around the region and take a moment to challenge yourself and digest new ideas. Our modular format gives you a chance to do all that!