Program for families

We believe that for the CEU Executive MBA to be a transformational moment in your career and life, the program and its pace must be smoothly aligned with your work and personal life.

Our modular format goes a long way in ensuring the right balance here, as it leaves your afternoons and most weekends free for your family and personal passions. In addition, our attractive EMBA 2gether Program allows two qualifying professional spouses (including same-sex and opposite-sex domestic partners) to join the CEU Executive MBA experience together and benefit from an attractive payment plan. 

Our nine-day, summer module in Budapest takes place in the middle of August and brings together more than 200 EMBAs from three successful cohorts, as well as CEU alumni.

The module offers a wealth of opportunities for families to have a relaxing and enjoyable time while the Executive MBA participant pursues her intensive studies.

In mid-August, Budapest offers an exceptional value-for-money in terms of hotels (including our Partner Hotels), restaurants, cultural institutions and sightseeing opportunities. It is a great starting point for short trips across Central Europe and the north-eastern Mediterranean. 

Each evening of the summer module, we organize an informal EMBA-On-Top reception on our iconic, award-winning rooftop garden.

This is a moment for Executive MBA participants from all cohorts, their families and CEU alumni taking elective courses through the CEU EMBA Alumni Course Offering to unwind after a long day of classes, exchange ideas and meet new people in an informal, fun atmosphere. 

In addition, our partner tour agencies offer a number of attractively priced one- and multiple-day tours and sightseeing opportunities for spouses, partners and families. These include: 

  • Day-long trips and experiences in or around Budapest. 
  • Longer trips in Hungary and the region. 

More information about the offering is always available during the April/May module that precedes the Summer Module.