Most MBA programs highlight the size and diversity of their alumni bodies. We too are also extremely proud to note that joining CEU Executive MBA means becoming part of the community of more than 18,000 professionals in 149 countries.Our alumni presence is particularly strong in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as North America. 

Our current Class of 2022 includes participants from 30 countries on 5 continents with an average of 14 years of professional experience and 9 years of leadership experience. While many EMBAs come from leading blue chips — including Abbott, Adidas, Airbus, Bosch, British Telecom, Citi, Deloitte, GE Healthcare, Lufthansa,  Morgan Stanley, Raiffeisen Bank, Siemens, Tata, Viacom, and Vodafone — one in five participants hails from NGO and public sector backgrounds while another 15 percent are entrepreneurs working for startups.

What is unique about CEU alumni network, however, is not only raw numbers—but what stands behind them. Our alumni community is not merely an address book; CEU graduates form one of the most tight-knit and loyal alumni communities in continental Europe for three reasons. 

First, CEU is a small institution, admitting only about 600 graduate students across our 49 degree programs each year.

Unlike in most European universities, the experience of studying at CEU is thereby very personal, more akin to studies at top North American institutions. From day one, our culture emphasizes community, intellectual engagement and team work.

Second, the sheer caliber of our alumni helps to facilitate high-quality lifelong interactions. CEU graduates are influential political leaders (including a president, numerous ministers, an ombudsman and members of national and European parliaments), successful executives at leading multinationals in almost every industry, senior members of the professional service community, prominent leaders in international organizations and the non-profit sector as well as renowned figures in culture and science.

As over 80 active CEU alumni chapters attest to, interacting with CEU alumni is simply fun and inspiring.

As over 80 active CEU alumni chapters attest to, interacting with CEU alumni is simply fun and inspiring.

And finally, CEU’s strong mission to build an academic community on the principles of an open society — a society without hierarchies and dogmas, where every innovative idea is welcomed — means that those who join us often share the same intellectual curiosity, entrepreneurial spirit, and willingness to go beyond self-defined comfort zones. This creates a unique community of people who not only share a degree, but also values and experiences.

The Executive MBA is designed to provide continuous support to our students and alumni in their lifelong learning.

CEU Executive MBA Alumni Course Offering Program allows our MBA alumni to participate in electives offered during our flagship summer module in Budapest. CEU InnovationsLab offers incubation for startup companies and projects founded by CEU community members. 

A tangible sign of the robustness of our alumni community is the Executive MBA Advisory Board made up of the highly distinguished CEU alumni as well as University’s friends from the business community.

The Executive MBA Advisory Board advises us on tailoring and constantly updating the Executive MBA curriculum to be in sync with business trends of the future.

Members of the Board include senior executives from leading multinationals, such as Morgan Stanley and Phillips; highly successful financiers; and senior officials in governmental and international organizations.