MS in Finance and MS in Business Analytics Tuition Discounts

The running costs of CEU are already generously subsidized by the founder of the University and by philanthropic contributions from institutional and private sponsors. This makes us possible to keep the list price of our Master of Science programs lower and make it accessible for more students. This is why our highly reputable Master of Science programs can be competitively priced among other business master programs around the globe; and why additional CEU financial aid is limited on them. Nevertheless, please find below the available options for:

MS in Business Analytics | full-time or part-time
MS in Finance | full-time or part-time



Apply by January 2, 2023 and get a 30% tuition discount!


To support you in funding your studies and to facilitate your application procedure, CEU offers an Early Bird discount on the tuition fee by the set deadline.

Benefits of the exclusive offer 

  • Get a 30% tuition discount

  • Have the edge over hundreds of other applicants 

  • Receive acceptance by the end of January and secure your spot in the program 

  • Get a head start and plan for the year ahead  



To be eligible, you should: 



  • After applying for the program by the application deadline, you should send an email to and indicate that you want to be considered for the discount. 

  • If you do not have an external math exam, you are supposed to take the CEU math exam Tuesday, 10th Jan 2023 (online).

  • Those passing the exam or having done an external math exam before will be invited for interview. Interviews will take place 14th Jan 2022 for Master in Business Analytics and 19th Jan 2022 for Master in Finance.
  • An admission decision will be announced by January 25. 

  • You are supposed to respond to the admissions offer within ten days. 

  • To confirm your place of study, the registration fee and the first tuition installment (i.e., 50% of the early bird discounted tuition fee) should be paid at the time you accept the offer, as follows:

  • For the Master in Business Analytics the list price is 15.000 EUR. With the Early Bird offer the program will cost only 10.500 EUR. You will need to pay the first installment (50%) by February 15.

  • For the Master in Finance the list price is 15.000 EUR. With the Early Bird offer the program will cost only 10,500 EUR. You will need to pay the first installment (50%) by February 15.

  • The offer of Early Bird cannot be combined with other CEU offers, scholarships or discounts.
  • In case of applying for student visa it might be required by authorities to pay the full tuition in advance.
CEU Business Masters Scholarships

Are you applying for part-time studies?

CEU Corporate Tuition Scheme

Continue your career and study part-time at CEU.

Apply with colleagues for any of the two programs, and you will all be automatically considered for a group tuition reduction.

We offer group reductions to part-time students employed by the same institution and enrolling at the same time. Delegating partners include EPAM, GE and Morgan Stanley. However, you need not be officially delegated or even supported by your employer.

Are you a returning CEU student?

CEU Alumni Discount

All CEU students and alumni are entitled to tuition reduction. 

You can claim an additional 15% tuition reduction for at least six (6) credits-in-common between your new and previous CEU studies. You can claim credits-in-common for courses that

  • are listed in the curricula of both programs
  • are listed as a core course in at least one program
  • you completed within four years of enrolling again.