Fintech Management Parallel Studies

MS in Finance • MS in Technology Management & Innovation
10 months • option to extend
Full-time or part-time • option to change
Earn both degrees now • return for 2nd degree within 4 years
Tuition: €16,000 • 58 credits (116 ECTS credits)
Applications are currently accepted for the MS in Finance only

Become a fintech leader or develop your startup

The Fintech Management Parallel Studies is a pioneering joint offering of

  • the MS in Finance, a professional program guided by industry
  • the MS in Technology Management & Innovation, Central Europe's first technology management degree program.

Together, the two degree programs prepare for fintech leadership and entrepreneurship by holistically combining

  • finance and data analytics
  • technology and architecture
  • digital transformation and e-leadership
  • innovation, strategy, management and entrepreneurship.

How does it work?

You can complete the two programs together at a reduced workload. You need to complete 58 credits instead of 72, due to 14 credits-in-common recognized towards both programs. You may also choose a capstone project that satisfies the requirements of both programs.

The course schedules are carefully harmonized. On the MS in Finance, mandatory and main elective courses run two weekdays a week from 1.30pm. The MS in Technology Management & Innovation is a weekend-only program. Credits-in-common are taught on weekends.

How to Apply?

Applications are currently accepted for the MS in Finance only.

Please submit the CEU Application Form separately for both the MS in Finance and the MS in Technology Management and Innovation.

Applicants must meet the MS in Finance admission requirements. Successful applicants are offered admission into the MS in Technology Management and Innovation automatically. 

Returning Student?

Credits-on-common can be validated within four years. As a graduate of one constituent program, you may enter the second program at any time within this period. Completion of the second program is

  • €4,000 for returning MS in Finance students
  • €6,000 for returning MS in Technology Management & Innovation students.

CEU InnovationsLab

Be it a new technology, product, service or solution to a pressing social problem, the award-winning CEU InnovationsLab startup incubator translates great ideas into successful enterprises.

The CEU InnovationsLab was named Best Accelerator or Incubator Program in Hungary at the Central European Startup Awards 2017. Flagship success stories include Talk-A-Bot, a pioneering chatbot agency. Fintech startups include BrokerChooser, Family Finances and Salarify.

Central Europe's leading university incubator • €6m+ raised • 120 jobs
AbsoRice • BrokerChooser • Family Finances • Plantcraft • Ryde • Salarify • • Talk-A-Bot
CES 2019 Hungary Nominations 
Best Accelerator or Incubator • Coworking Space • Startup • Founder • Female Role Model • AI/Machine Learning Startup • Fintech Startup

CEU MS in Finance Capstone Project