MS in Business Analytics Application FAQ

What kind of courses will I have?

  • Coding - focusing on the R language with the option to Python
  • Data analysis / statistics - finding patterns in data, interpreting results
  • Data science tools - from unstructured text and messy data to visualization and machine learning
  • Data engineering - from an overview of data science software and tools, to cloud architecture and production
  • User cases - offering a variety of use case examples by industry pros 
  • Business - from agile project management to strategy and data protection/GDPR

Will I get a chance to work on an industry-related project?

Yes. After your courses you will be paired with a company - small or large - and work on a capstone project that answers a real need with clear and valuable outcomes.

It’s been a while since I studied math. How can I catch up?

We will offer a compulsory presession program in the first two weeks of September. It will cover what you need in calculus, linear algebra or probability theory.

I have used software like MS Excel but have never coded. Is this program for me?

If you are good with numbers and have good math skills, then yes. We will offer a compulsory presession program in the first two weeks of September. It will cover an introduction to informatics, showing what coding means. In the program we will start coding from scratch.

When are classes held?

Core courses and elective data science courses owned by the MS in Business Analytics are held on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Some electives offered elsewhere within the Department or the Department of Network and Data Science could be any other weekday timeslot.

Can I do the program taking only Monday and Wednesday classes?

Yes, you can. We offer at least 28 credits of courses in the Monday-Wednesday slot.

I am working at the moment and considering my options. What is the workload of the program?

The full-time program demands about a 30-hour workload per week of workload from September to April. This includes classes as well assignments and term projects. Working on the capstone project in May and June means a somewhat lower workload. This is of course an average. If you have strong background in coding or engineering, the workload could be less.

I have a full time job, can I still apply?

Yes, we have a part time version. It means the same classes, same time slots, and students may decide to complete the program in one or two years. It is required to take all mandatory courses in the first year for all students. Mandatory courses take place on Mondays and Wednesdays in the afternoon. Remaining electives and the Capstone project may be completed in the second year. Consider a workload of about 30 hours per week during the first year. 

What software will be used during the tuition period? Will the University provide these?

The focus will be on the R language that is widely used in data science. It is a free program (more HERE). Another program is Python, also free to use. Students will use Tableau, a 6-month student license will be provided.