Greg Batiz (MA Econ Pol 2017) : Operations Excellence Specialist Data Analyst at, Netherlands

December 14, 2017

"My years at CEU had a significant impact on my life, growing me both as a person and as a professional. I started this intellectual adventure coming form politics with a business BA. In CEU, -thanks to the openness and flexibility of my department-, I discovered the different areas of analytics and data science and have successfully shifted my focus to this exciting (and lucrative) field, essentially becoming the professional I am today. CEU have equipped me with the knowledge and confidence necessary to successfully compete on the job market and to always keep pushing myself further.

Andrea Barabás (MS Business Analytics 2016): Business Analyst at Citibank, Switzerland

December 12, 2017

"Tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, this program offers a unique and challenging opportunity to understand data behind business decisions. It provides a great snapshot of how big data transforms the way business is conducted today and demonstrates the latest concepts and state-of-the art tools to get into the forefront of the big data-based data analytics.

László Salló (MS Business Analytics 2016): Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, Hungary

December 12, 2017

"Being an expert of data is without doubt one the most promising career path I can imagine. On the other hand mastering it, might be really challenging, because you need to be extremely up to date in several disciplines. This is where CEU excels, we got a carefully selected mix of materials, amazingly prepared instructors and inspiring colleagues to acquire the data driven mindset of the future.” 

Ivana Đurović (MA Econ Pol 2017): Energy Sourcing Analyst at Schneider Electric, Hungary

December 12, 2017
"It’s hard to explain in short how much CEU affects one’s life perspective and opens the eyes about the world of opportunities. The contemporary curriculum and teaching methods allow you to get a grasp of all layers of understanding of economics and how to get the best out of each one. It is then solely up to you to choose which direction you want your career to grow in: governmental, the real sector or academia.

Dilshod Davronov (MA Econ Pol 2017): Credit Risk Analyst at Morgan Stanley, Hungary

December 12, 2017
"CEU cares not only about professional, but also about personal development of its students. With its world-class faculty, very helpful staff and broad alumni network the University assists its students to start a successful career. And, of course, being a member of truly international and diverse, but united community guarantees an amazing social life."