Kristóf Rábay | MS BA 20 | Data Scientist, Hiflylabs, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Completing the MS in Business Analytics enabled me to get a job that involves statistical data analysis, building, training and deploying machine learning models, both in Python and R. It helped me shift my career towards something that requires creativity, problem solving skills and business thinking. Not only did it help me find an awesome job, it also allowed me to do fun stuff in my spare time. I’ve written flight fare monitoring scripts, built sports prediction apps and news classifying models.

Fanni Pfeningberger | MS Fin & Tech 20 | Financial Markets Advisory, BlackRock, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Being a member of the Class of 2020, I graduated with distinction from the Fintech Management Parallel Degree consisting of the MS in Finance and MS in Technology Management & Innovation. The year was full of challenges, especially as I was doing the two programs simultaneously, which required the development of new skills and challenged me in several areas. As part of my degree, I presented my project focusing on the international expansion of (previously Family Finances) which was honoured with the Outstanding Capstone Project award.

Tamás Marosvári | MS Tech 20 | Business Process Consultant, IBM, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Having studied technology management and innovation at CEU helped me become well-rounded in management, and acquire hands-on experience in the latest technological trends that are transforming the way we are doing business.

Personally, the most fulfilling achievement of the year was to deliver a market entry strategy for an SME, a presentation that was used at their strategy and investor meetings and shaped the future of the company. My work was awarded with the Outstanding Capstone Project award.

Harshita Saxena | MS Fin 20 | Product Strategy Analyst, BlackRock, Hungary

January 13, 2021

"The kind of opportunities CEU provided in terms of job placements right after graduation were far beyond what I could have hoped for. There is no other institution as per my research that has that kind of recruitment and placement team that CEU has. The personalized support I received through the university and the scholarship, was exceptional, from making my CV to directing me to companies. The entire team was truly instrumental in helping me identify my interests.

Máté Szalkai-Szabó | MS Fin 20 | Quant Risk Manager, UNIQA, Hungary

October 22, 2020

"I chose the MS in Finance at CEU because I was looking for a university that could provide a solid knowledge of both finance and data analytics. Prior to CEU I worked as an actuarial analyst at a consultancy for 12 years. This was an exciting position where my main focus was on complex liability modelling. But, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and build expertise in finance.