Hedvig Horváth (MA Econ 2009): Lecturer in Economics, University College London, UK

December 8, 2017

"My professors inspired me to continue my studies and become an academic labor economist. The program's challenging nature helped me to easily get through the first years of my PhD at UC Berkeley, while CEU’s friendly environment is reflected by the numerous “mini-reunions” we have held with fellow students at different parts of the world. CEU and the Department are treasures – the responsibility to live up to the opportunity they opened up for me still motivates me every day at work."

Petr Grishin (MA Econ 2000): Head of Macro Research & Chief Economist for Eastern Europe, VTB Capital, Russia

December 8, 2017

"The more distant memory our graduation becomes, the stronger I realise how formative the CEU years had been for what eventually became of me. Four elements seem essential: (1) a first class, rigouros and systematic training in economics; (2) focus on the region, especially with regard to policy issues; (3) proximity of other departments, equally top-notch, that allows for time-efficient interdisciplinary forays, and (4) the liberal atmosphere that encourages open-mindedness, diversity and rationality in intellectual endeavour.

Tímea Laura Molnár (MA Econ 2011): Associate Economist, Analysis Group, Canada

December 8, 2017

“The professors at CEU gave me the education I will always be grateful for. They not only taught me the challenging and well-structured courses, but the foundations of rigorous empirical research, and how to evaluate research in economics critically. They encouraged and supported me to continue to the best PhD program in Canada, and to always be ambitious in my research. The solid foundations they showed and taught made the hard transition from coursework to independent research much easier for me.

Miklós Farkas (PhD Econ 2017): Lecturer in Finance, University of Bristol, UK

June 8, 2017
"The PhD in Economics fully prepared me for an academic career. Both students and faculty are exceptionally talented and strongly motivated by the inspiring academic envirionment that is unique to the region. CEU provides generous funding for attending international conferences, summer schools and visiting other universities. The Department also offers invaluable guidance to navigate the academic job market by simulating each and every stage of the recruitment process.

András Kiss (PhD Econ 2015): Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 18, 2016

"The Department runs an excellent and well-funded PhD program. The level of courses is on par with leading European universities, teaching load is limited, and there are many opportunities for research assistantships. The weekly seminar series features invited speakers from the best departments in the world. The faculty is accessible, supportive, and its strong focus on research provides an inspiring environment for PhD students. Peers are great, and so is Budapest as a city.