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Recording of the 'Stata vs R vs Python' debate available online

January 25, 2023
stata vs R vs python

For those who could not attend and for those who enjoyed it so much that want to watch it again! The good news is that the ‘Stata vs R vs Python’ debate’s recording is available on CEU’s YouTube channel:

Watch it, share it and celebrate the winner! Don’t forget the suggestion of the debaters they all agreed on: ‘Choose one of the programming languages and be really good at it! Learn additional ones later!’

Zsuzsanna Vadle (Class '22; MA EconPol) won the 2nd prize of the Hungarian Society of Economics thesis award, in the MA category with her thesis defended at CEU in June 2022

January 10, 2023

Classmates and Educational Decisions: The Role of Peers in Educational Aspirations and Student Achievement


2022-23 Alumni Scholarship Winners from the Department of Economics and Business

October 19, 2022
alumni scholarship

This year 28 talented students from around the world are studying at CEU thanks to supporters of the Alumni Scholarship

Congratulations to Faith Amaro (MS Finance) and Sofiya Lyn (MA EconPol) students of the Department of Economics and Business to win the scholarship!

Newly Published book edited by professor Mátyás and Chan (Curtin University): Econometrics with Machine Learning

September 14, 2022

The book Econometrics with Machine Learning edited by László Mátyás, professor of economics at CEU and Felix Chan of Curtin University (Perth, Australia) is published by Springer Nature. It helps and promotes the use of machine learning tools and techniques in econometrics and explains how they can enhance and expand the econometrics toolbox in theory and in practice. Several chapters have been written with the contribution of CEU-Economics faculty and advanced doctoral students.

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