Overview of the Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The aim of the PhD program is to prepare professional economists for research, teaching or government service careers. Coursework in the program is designed to ensure that students acquire rigorous knowledge in the core areas of economic theory and research methodology. During the research period, students will develop into independent researchers, with the ability to contribute to the analysis of fundamental economic questions facing transition and market economies.

The credit requirements of the program is 40 CEU credits worth of coursework towards the US degree and 120 CEU (240 ECTS) credits (coursework, research and teaching) towards the Hungarian degree.

Doctoral enrollment may continue up to a maximum of six years (5 years for the Hungarian degree). Students admitted into CEU doctoral programs are eligible to receive a generous CEU Doctoral Fellowship and full tuition waiver for up to three years (length of Hungarian doctoral scholarship is regulated by the Hungarian higher education law); the tuition waiver is provided for the whole duration of the program. Numerous additional funding opportunities exist, such as the Doctoral Research Support Grant Program, the Erasmus Mobility Scheme, and various research and travel funds.

Sample Courses for the Doctoral Program
Core courses
Advanced Macroeconomics; Advanced Microeconomics; Advanced Econometrics
Optional courses
Advanced Labor Economics; Financial Economics; Behavioral Economics; Industrial organization; Organizational Economics; Empirical Political Economy; Economic and Social Networks; International Macroeconomics; Growth and Development; Topics in law and Economics

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