Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration

The primary aim of the PhD program in Business Administration at CEU Department of Economics and Business is to produce graduates who will have academic careers dealing with a diverse range of business subjects and challenges, teaching and conducting research. There will be a particular emphasis in this program on specific academic competencies that exist within CEU Department of Economics and Business, such as innovation/entrepreneurship, business and society, and advanced general management (including management and strategy). A particularly favorable target audience for this program comprises PhD applicants from and/or having interest in bringing best management thinking and research to business schools and other relevant academic units in institutions of higher education located in emerging and transitional economies, including Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). A key set of outcomes that will be associated with this program will be the success of our PhD graduates in teaching and conducting research in business associated with emerging economies. The likely career path of our PhD graduates, therefore, will be largely within faculties of business schools mostly associated with these regions.

Head of Program: Prof. Austin Lee Nichols (room: QS C306)

Program Coordinator: Ms. Andrea Szalay (room: N13 208, E-mail )