Master of Arts in Economics

The U.S. accredited two-year MA program in Economics was launched in 1994/5. The program is registered in the U.S. by the Board of Regents of the  New York State Education Department. This MA program was also accredited by the Hungarian Higher Education Accreditation Board in March, 2007, (as "Közgazdasági elemző mesterszak” in Hungarian), and it is designed according to the Bologna process model. The Hungarian accredited  Master program in Economics was launched in 2007/8. The program is fully integrated and overlapping with our traditional two-year American MA program. Students accepted into the MA in Economics are first enrolled into the US accredited program. At the enrollment they can opt to enroll into the Hungarian accredited program as well. By choosing this option they have to satisfy some additional requirements.

The language of teaching and administration is English. Each year 20-25 students are admitted into the program. The Fall and Winter terms of the first year cover the core of mainstream economics (Mathematics, Statistics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics). The spring term and the second year offer more advanced and specialized field courses in various topics, after which students write and defend their Master's thesis.

The program provides the skills necessary for research and analyst positions at government and international agencies, banks and other private firms, and also prepares students for continuing their studies at the best Economics Ph.D. programs around the world.


Program Head: Prof. Attila Rátfai (room: N13 412)

Program Administrator: Ms. Corinne Freiburger (room: N13 413, Contact person by email)

Entry Requirements for the Program

In addition to meeting the General CEU Admissions Requirements, applicants to the MA programs must submit a 500-word essay introducing their research topic and explaining their academic/professional background. Applicants should indicate how further studies at CEU would help them achieve their future career goals. In addition, applicants must either:
• pass a department-specific examination in basic calculus, probability theory and linear algebra, or
• submit general GRE test scores.


Title Instructor Credit
Academic Writing Thomas Rooney 2.0
Advanced Econometrics 1. Laszlo Matyas 4.0
Advanced Labor Economics Andrea Weber 4.0
Advanced Macroeconomics István Kónya
Tamás Briglevics
Advanced Microeconomics: Game Theory László Kóczy 2.0
Advanced Microeconomics: Information Economics Marc Kaufmann 2.0
Behavioral Economics Marc Kaufmann 4.0
Behavioral Industrial Organization Botond Kőszegi 2.0
Competition Policy: Economics in Applying European Competition Law Gergely Csorba 4.0
Corporate Governance Almos Telegdy 2.0
Data and Network Visualization Roberta Sinatra 2.0
Econometrics 2 Andrea Weber 5.0
Economics of Law Andrzej Baniak 2.0
Empirical Political Economy Arieda Muco 4.0
Financial Economics Adam Zawadowski 4.0
Fundamental Ideas in Network Science János Kertész 4.0
Growth and Development István Kónya 2.0
Health Economics Anikó Bíró 2.0
History of Economic Thought Julius Horvath 2.0
Industrial Organization 2 Andrzej Baniak 2.0
Intermediate Econometrics Robert Lieli
Laszlo Matyas
International Macroeconomics Attila Rátfai 2.0
Introduction to Data Mining and Big Data Analytics Roberta Sinatra 2.0
Introduction to Econometrics Robert Lieli 3.0
Investments I & II (full-time) Adam Zawadowski 4.0
Labor Economics Andrea Weber
Almos Telegdy
Macroeconomic Theory I. Attila Rátfai 5.0
Macroeconomic Theory II. Balazs Vilagi 5.0
Mathematical Methods for Economists Ádám Reiff
Imre Fekete
Mathematical Statistics Ádám Reiff
Katalin Varga
Microeconomic Theory I. Alessandro De Chiara 5.0
Microeconomic Theory II. Andrzej Baniak 4.0
Organizational Economics Alessandro De Chiara 4.0
Pre-Session in Mathematics Pál Hegedűs
Ferenc Bencs
Scientific Python Fall 2017/2018 Roberta Sinatra 3.0
Topics in Econometrics Eyno Rots 2.0
Topics in Law and Economics Andrzej Baniak 2.0
Topics in Macroeconomics Tamás Briglevics
Eyno Rots
Transition Economics Lajos Bokros 4.0