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The MS in Business Analytics tuition fee is EUR15,000

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CEU's business programs are generously subsidized with tuition fees set below cost. Thus, CEU Financial Aid is limited on these programs.


  • Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program - now closed
  • Morgan Stanley Internship Program
  • Women in Technology Scholarship Program


  • CEU Student and Alumni Discounts
  • Corporate Tuition Scheme for Part-time Students


At CEU, our goal is to welcome outstanding students regardless of their financial circumstances in the full-time MS in Business Analytics and MS in Finance. Thanks to CEU's endowment and contributions by industry partners, we offer the following scholarship and internship programs:

  • Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program

A London-based boutique investment firm will award an applicant who demonstrates passion for financial services, data analysis and programming.

The scholarship covers full tuition, mentoring, and a paid research assistantship as needed. The recipient, if performing well, will be considered for an internship in the firm’s Mayfair, London office.

The Selection Committee will consider skills, experience and other qualities relevant to working for the donor.

  • Morgan Stanley Internship Program

Morgan Stanley will award paid internships in its Finance, Risk, Quantitative Finance and possibly other teams in Budapest. Selected candidates may be awarded partial tuition waivers. The internships can lead to full-time job offers.

The Selection Committee will consider skills, experience and other qualities relevant to working for Morgan Stanley.

  • Women in Technology Scholarship Program

CEU will award scholarships to women who show passion for data analysis, programming and technology, and great potential or leadership in their professional and personal endeavors.

The scholarships cover up to 80% of tuition, and one-on-one mentoring by CEU faculty and industry partners.

Who can apply? Apply for scholarship and internship programs if you

  • hold a bachelor’s (or higher) degree with a GPA of 3.0, or equivalent professional experience, in a quantitative field such as economics, statistics, science, computer science, mathematics or engineering  
  • hold a quantitative GMAT score of 45 or GRE score of 154, or can take the CEU Math Test online after applying. 

Ready to apply? Apply before Midnight CET on Thursday August 15, 2019 by


At CEU, our goal is to provide outstanding students the broadest access possible to our business degree programs. Thanks to CEU's endowment, we offer the following tuition reductions and schemes:

  • CEU Student and Alumni Discounts

All CEU students and alumni are entitled a tuition reduction of 15%.

You can claim an additional 15% tuition reduction for at least six (6) credits-in-common between the MS in Business Analytics and your previous CEU degree. You can claim credits-in-common for courses that

    • are listed in the curricula of both programs
    • are listed as a core course in at least one of the two programs
    • you completed within four years of enrolling in the MS in Business Analytics.
  • Corporate Tuition Scheme for Part-time Students

Apply with colleagues for any of our part-time MS programs, and you will all be considered for a tuition reduction.

We offer tuition fee reductions to part-time students employed by the same institution and enrolling at the same time. Delegating partners include EPAM, GE and Morgan Stanley. However, you need not be officially delegated or even supported by your employer. 

The programs included in this scheme are the MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance, and MS in Technology Management and Innovation.

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Student Recruitment Manager
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