Careers Services on the MS in Finance

Boost Your Career

As an MS in Finance student you can launch or upgrade your career with a broad range of specialist skills as well as applied problem-solving expertise. The program positions you for near and long-term success with highly sought-after employers.

The program is designed expressly to allow you to work. As a full-time student, you may take an internship or job anytime. Should you be offered a full-time job, you may request a change of status and go part-time. As a part-time student, you can just carry on with your career.

Career Outcomes in 2020

Of the Class of 2020 full-time students, despite the COVID-19 pandemic

  • 89% took an internship during their studies
  • 96% were employed three months out.

Employers hiring our graduates ranged from global names such as Citi, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley and McKinsey to boutique advisories and funds such as Hussar & Co and PortfoLion, and technology firms and startups such as GrapeCity and BrokerChooser.

CEU MS in Finance Career Outcomes Industry

Capstone project

The capstone project is an individual consulting field assignment, which you can use to position yourself. Some use it to gain experience in the industry they ultimately want to work in. Others make leftfield choices to try themselves out and diversify their skills. Many students work with our startups in the award-winning CEU InnovationsLab incubator. 

CEU MS in Finance capstone projects

Budapest and Vienna

Vienna and Budapest are among the European Union's top 10 cities home to large expat communities. Vienna and Budapest are among Europe’s most buzzing financial services and technology hubs, with employers competing for international talent.

The two cities also have booming innovation scenes. Join a venture capital firm, boutique M&A advisory or startup, or develop your own startup in our award-winning CEU InnovationsLab incubator.

  • Vienna – DB Schenker • Deloitte • EATON • Franklin Templeton • Google • JP Morgan • LVMH • Raiffeisen Bank • Swarovski • Unicredit
  • Budapest – Aon • Avis • Bank of China • BCG • Blackrock • BP • BT • Citi • Diageo • EPAM • EY • Exxon • GE • HP • IBM • KBC • KPMG • Mastercard • McKinsey • Morgan Stanley • MSCI • NN • Nokia • TCS • TransferWise • UN

Austria is member of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Housing and living expenses in Vienna are lower than those in other major European cities.

Non-European nationals may be employed part-time on their study visas. Students who have a valid Austrian Residence Permit can work up to 20 hrs/week. Fresh graduates can extend their student residence permits by a maximum of 12 months.

Professional and personal development

We hold development workshops and events throughout the year, to help you develop the skills necessary to achieve your career objectives:

  • assessing your skills, academic and professional background, and strengths and weaknesses
  • helping you define your career goals, while keeping you informed about the latest sector developments
  • teaching you how to market yourself and network effectively
  • helping you apply and interview successfully, and analyze, negotiate and accept a job offer.

We organize dedicated company showcases on a regular basis. Recent visitors include Amazon, Blackrock, Citi, Exxon, GE, Google, Mastercard, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, MSCI, Nokia, TransferWise and the UN.

What Can You Do?

We are here to help whether you want to explore career options, network with international employers, brush up on your CV writing and interviewing skills, or improve your LinkedIn profile.

Engage with faculty and the invited finance experts you will meet over the course of your studies. You will have many opportunities to network with leading executives including prospective employers.

Tap into CEU's global alumni network, with finance professionals the single largest constituent group.

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Business Masters in Business Analytics and in Finance

CEU Career>Next

CEU CareerNext

Career>Next is CEU’s job platform bringing together students and alumni with partner employers.

Jobseekers can post their CVs, access career-building materials, and scan jobs and internships in Central Europe and beyond. Partner employers can post jobs and internships, and scan the CVs of thousands of talented potential hires from CEU’s global student and alumni community.


CEU InnovationsLab

CEU InnovationsLab Startup Incubator

Work with startups, incubate your own in Central Europe's top uni incubator – €8m+ raised • 215+ jobs created
Successes – Abso • BrokerChooser • • Plantcraft • Ryde • Salarify • • Talk-A-Bot
CES 2020 noms – Best Accelerator or Incubator • Ecosystem Hero • Founder • Fintech Startup