MSc in Finance

Accounting (full-time) Laura Ipacs 2.0
Accounting (part-time) Laura Ipacs 2.0
Analyzing Data with Python * 2.0
Banking and Financial Institutions Laszló Haas 2.0
Banking IT and Fintech: Bank to the Future Szabolcs Szalay 2.0
Behavioral Finance Laura Ipacs 2.0
Boardroom Global Challenge Tibor Voros 2.0
Business Economics Marc Kaufmann 2.0
Business Intelligence in Tableau Ivett Kovács 1.0
Company Valuation Joy Chan 2.0
Corporate Finance and Risk Management Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Corporate Governance Almos Telegdy 2.0
Corporate Restructuring Joy Chan 2.0
Data Analysis 1a: Foundation of Data management in R (full-time) Gergely Daroczi 2.0
Data Analysis 1a: Foundation of Data management in R (part-time) Gergely Daroczi 2.0
Data Analysis 2: Foundations of Statistics Arieda Muço 2.0
Data Analysis 3: Pattern discovery and regression analysis Gábor Békés 2.0
Data Analysis 4: Prediction Analytics with introduction to Machine Learning Gábor Békés 2.0
Data Analysis 5: Experiments and causal analysis of interventions Gábor Békés 2.0
Data Management with Python Ancsa Hannak 2.0
Data Visualization Krisztina Szűcs 1.0
Entrepreneurial Finance Gabor Baranyai 2.0
Ethical Leaders and Intergity Davide Torsello 2.0
Finance (full-time) Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Finance (part-time for MSc Finance) Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Finance and Strategy Mark Walton 2.0
Financial Trading Design and Technology Ferenc Meszaros 1.0
Fixed Income Analysis Peter Szilagyi 2.0
Fundamentals Stochastic Analysis Miklós Rásonyi
Kinga Tikosi - TA
Investments I & II (full-time) Adam Zawadowski 4.0
Investments I & II (part-time) Tibor Turner 4.0
Personal Finance Joy Chan 1.5
Private Equity and Venture Capital Gabor Baranyai 2.0
Regulatory and Policy Environment Maciej Kisilowski 2.0
Scientific Python Fall 2017/2018 Roberta Sinatra 3.0
Seminar Series on Applied Data Science in Companies Gábor Békés 1.0
Stochastic Analysis Rásonyi Miklós 3.0
Strategic Managerial Accounting Laura Ipacs 1.5