Students & Alumni on the MS in Finance

MS in Finance Class of 2020

35 students • 14 countries • 16:19 female-to-male
Aged 26 • range 21-36 • 4 years work experience

Connecting with our students is a great way to find out more about the MS in Finance, CEU, and life as an expat in Budapest and beyond. You can ask them about their experiences, why they chose the MS in Finance, and how it is benefiting their career progression.

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Taiwan | BlackRock, Atlanta GA

"After gaining international experience in the investment field, I wanted to lift my skills so I can cope with the technological transformation of financial services. The MS in Finance is equipped with cutting-edge courses and knowing professors, and offers hands-on experience that suits my career trajectory. Courses include simulations and guest speaker sessions offering valuable insights. Working with professionally and internationally diverse classmates has also boosted my thinking process."

Japan | Morgan Stanley, Tokyo

"The MS in Finance provides holistic and intensive learning in finance. The classes are always interactive, stimulating and challenging. Students are equipped with skills and knowledge that provide a major competitive edge in today's job market. CEU is also as much about diversity as it is about academic excellence. Students are from all over the world with very diverse professional backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with CEU, which has developed into a lifelong relationship."

Hungary | AGCO, Budapest

"Having spent several years in management consulting and then in the strategy organizations of multinationals, I wanted to deepen my finance knowledge in certain areas. When selecting CEU it was important to me that I could work and study at the same time. The School follows a pragmatic U.S. approach to teaching. Real-life case studies, presentations from experienced business owners and managers, and highly reputed professors all focus on transferring practical knowledge to develop future leaders."

Bosnia | Citi, Budapest

"The MS in Finance always follows the newest trends to ensure students stay competitive in the market. Finance at CEU in general is on a whole other level. One thing I would highlight is how incredible the community is. It is very diverse and such a great source of knowledge. Studying in an atmosphere where you can express yourself fully, learning from others and questioning everything you thought you had known and, above all, feeling part of the community, is a great experience overall."

Georgia | Isbank, Tbilisi

"In my work back in Georgia I felt the need for further business-minded education in finance. The MS in Finance offered a lot of flexibility, excellent reputation and great value. This American program in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities offers an international environment that is excellent for building professional networks. The curriculum is built to suit students with very diverse professional backgrounds. One of the strongest features of the program is the quality of teaching by CEU’s outstanding professors.”