International Exchanges

Boost Your Profile with an International Exchange

Top up your studies with an exchange trip to a partner business school. Exchanges are tuition-free. You may take one course, join a week-long intensive summer program, or go for an entire semester.

Your choice of partner school may be guided by career objectives, location, and length and availability of courses:

  • Specialize further in your area, or broaden your skills in other areas
  • Take management and leadership courses on partner MBA programs
  • Enhance your CV and grow your professional and alumni network
  • Move your career to another country, or simply immerse yourself in a new culture.

Top Partner Schools on Four Continents

We have bilateral agreements with the following business schools:

We have university-wide agreements with the following universities:

You are also eligible for Erasmus student mobility programs.

Exchange at IPADE Business School

"The CEU exchange program was a one-off opportunity. My decision to combine the MS in Finance with an intense MBA trimester focusing on leadership and management capabilities proved to be excellent. Not only was the academic level very high, but the broad selection of topics provided an in-depth knowledge and understanding of today’s requirements as a manager or leader within an organization. The possibility of exploring Mexico's vibrant culture and society first hand added another positive dimension to the entire experience”

Exchange at NYU Stern School of Business

"The exchange semester at NYU Stern was a great experience that enriched my program both academically and extracurricularly. It was a unique opportunity to study at one of the top U.S. business schools that allowed me to broaden my international network, narrow my concentration given the wide selection of subjects, and benefit from being in the most vibrant city full of opportunities and career events. I believe the exchange program will help to open new career prospects and increase the ROI for my CEU degree."

Andrea Szalay
Exchange Coordinator
Room N13/414, email