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MS in Technology Management and Innovation Tuition: EUR10,000

CEU's business programs are generously subsidized with tuition fees set below cost. Thus, CEU Financial Aid is limited on these programs.

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Fintech Management Parallel Studies

The Fintech Management Parallel Studies is a joint offering of the MS in Finance and the MS in Technology Management and Innovation.

The Fintech Management Parallel Studies tuition fee is EUR16,000.

As a student or graduate of a constituent program, you may enter the second program at reduced tuition. To qualify, you must have completed the credits-in-common shared by the two programs within four years.

The tuition fee to complete the Fintech Management Parallel Studies is

  • EUR4,000 for returning MS in Finance students and graduates
  • EUR6,000 for returning MS in Technology Management and Innovation students and graduates.

CEU Student and Alumni Discounts

All CEU students and alumni are entitled a tuition reduction of 15%.

You can claim an additional 15% tuition reduction for at least six (6) credits-in-common between the MS in Technology Management and Innovation and your previous CEU degree. You can claim credits-in-common for courses that

  • are listed in the curricula of both programs
  • are listed as a core course in at least one of the two programs
  • you completed within four years of enrolling in the MS in Technology Management and Innovation.

Corporate Tuition Scheme for Part-time Students

Apply with colleagues for any of our part-time MS programs, and you will all be considered for a tuition reduction.

We offer tuition fee reductions to part-time students employed by the same institution and enrolling at the same time. Delegating partners include EPAM, GE and Morgan Stanley. However, you need not be officially delegated or even supported by your employer. 

The programs included in this scheme are the MS in Business Analytics, MS in Finance, and MS in Technology Management and Innovation.

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