Business Analytics Lecture Series #1

November 19, 2015
The Business Analytics Lecture Series were kicked off with the welcoming words of Professor Miklós Koren, Program Director of MSc in Business Analytics, who gave the stage to the first prominent guest of the Series, Mr. Keishi Hotsuki, Chief Risk Officer of Morgan Stanley. 
“I was excited about using models in finance, but started thinking about how analytics could also inform management decisions” - said Keishi Hotsuki, on how he decided to become a risk manager. Mr Hotsuki gave the inaugural lecture of the Business Analytics Lecture Series, organized jointly by the Department of Economics and the Business School. He explained the role of risk management in financial institutions and offered a deeper explanation of the sources of risk they face. He emphasized that mathematical models in finance are very useful, but are often wrongly applied to think about investment decisions. Citing recent research, he explained how investors are both rational and emotional, and illustrated his case with vivid examples on how individuals decide under uncertainty.
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