The Defacto blog

was founded in 2014 by Gabor Kezdi, Miklos Koren and Adam Szeidl, professors at the Department of Economics and Business at Central European University. The intended mission of the blog is summarized by its motto --- “let us build public discourse on facts.” Over the years, Defacto has succeeded in becoming a brand identified with succinct, evidence-based reasoning while using jargon-free language accessible to a wide audience.

Up until 2022, the target audience was the Hungarian public, and all posts were written Hungarian. (The blog was initially published in cooperation with but then moved to in 2020.)  All Hungarian language posts are available under the link

With CEU’s move to Vienna, the department decided to widen the blog’s outreach and enter into cooperation with the Austrian Economic Association. In 2023 Defacto has started contributing German language posts to the association’s “Der ökonomische Blick” blog on a rotational basis. These contributions are listed below: