Scholarships and Financial Aid

Economics Ma Programs

CEU Financial Aid is granted on both academic merit and financial need. To be considered, apply by January 30 and fill out the Funding section of the CEU Application Form. Please make a responsible assessment of your financial situation before applying.

Business Ms Programs

CEU's business master's programs are generously subsidized with tuition fees set below cost. Thus, CEU Financial Aid is limited on these programs.

Applying for full-time? Apply by January 30 for named scholarship and internship programs, thanks to CEU's endowment and industry partners.

Applying for part-time? Apply with your colleagues.

Interested in fintech? Earn the MS in Finance and MS in Technology Management and Innovation together, at reduced tuition.

CEU Executive MBA

Please check the program website for financing options.

PhD Programs

Make sure to apply by January 30, and we will automatically consider you for the CEU Doctoral Scholarship.

CEU Student and Alumni Discounts

All CEU students and alumni are entitled a tuition reduction of 15%.

You can claim an additional 15% tuition reduction for at least six (6) credits-in-common between your current and previous CEU degrees. You can claim credits-in-common for courses that

  • are listed in the curricula of both programs
  • are listed as a core course in at least one of the two programs
  • you completed within four years of enrolling again.


Look for alternative sources of support such as foundation grants, employer support or state scholarships.