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Career outcomes

Our graduates are equipped with strong analytical and quantitative skills, and move on to pursue successful careers. They have obtained, and advanced to, top positions in commercial and investment banks, consulting and advisory firms, corporates, government, central banks as well as supranationals. Our research MA in Economics graduates enter PhDs year after year at some of the world's top universities. Our PhD graduates have obtained high-level research positions.

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PhD programs – Berkeley • Duke • Harvard • London School of Economics • Michigan • MIT • Princeton
Financial services – Bank of China • BlackRock • Citi • Deutsche Bank • Goldman Sachs • JP Morgan • Morgan Stanley • MSCI • Revolut • TransferWise
Advisory – Accenture • BCG • Cognizant • Deloitte • EY • KPMG • McKinsey • Moody's • PwC • TCS
Corporates – Amazon • AGCO • BT • BP • EPAM • Ericsson • ExxonMobil • GE • HP • IBM • MOL • Microsoft • Nokia • P&G • Roche • SAP • Unisys
Supranationals – EBRD • European Commission • European Central Bank • IMF • UN • World Bank


Alumni Stories

Kristóf Rábay | MS BA 20 | Data Scientist, Hiflylabs, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Completing the MS in Business Analytics enabled me to get a job that involves statistical data analysis, building, training and deploying machine learning models, both in Python and R. It helped me shift my career towards something that requires creativity, problem solving skills and business thinking. Not only did it help me find an awesome job, it also allowed me to do fun stuff in my spare time. I’ve written flight fare monitoring scripts, built sports prediction apps and news classifying models.

Fanni Pfeningberger | MS Fin & Tech 20 | Financial Markets Advisory, BlackRock, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Being a member of the Class of 2020, I graduated with distinction from the Fintech Management Parallel Degree consisting of the MS in Finance and MS in Technology Management & Innovation. The year was full of challenges, especially as I was doing the two programs simultaneously, which required the development of new skills and challenged me in several areas. As part of my degree, I presented my project focusing on the international expansion of (previously Family Finances) which was honoured with the Outstanding Capstone Project award.

Tamás Marosvári | MS Tech 20 | Business Process Consultant, IBM, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Having studied technology management and innovation at CEU helped me become well-rounded in management, and acquire hands-on experience in the latest technological trends that are transforming the way we are doing business.

Personally, the most fulfilling achievement of the year was to deliver a market entry strategy for an SME, a presentation that was used at their strategy and investor meetings and shaped the future of the company. My work was awarded with the Outstanding Capstone Project award.

Harshita Saxena | MS Fin 20 | Product Strategy Analyst, BlackRock, Hungary

January 13, 2021

"The kind of opportunities CEU provided in terms of job placements right after graduation were far beyond what I could have hoped for. There is no other institution as per my research that has that kind of recruitment and placement team that CEU has. The personalized support I received through the university and the scholarship, was exceptional, from making my CV to directing me to companies. The entire team was truly instrumental in helping me identify my interests.

Máté Szalkai-Szabó | MS Fin 20 | Quant Risk Manager, UNIQA, Hungary

October 22, 2020

"I chose the MS in Finance at CEU because I was looking for a university that could provide a solid knowledge of both finance and data analytics. Prior to CEU I worked as an actuarial analyst at a consultancy for 12 years. This was an exciting position where my main focus was on complex liability modelling. But, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and build expertise in finance.

Peter Simon | MA Pol 19 | Sales Director, Yaw VR, Hungary

February 3, 2020

"I could hardly believe I had been accepted, especially because I was coming from a very different field. While I did my BA in American Studies, I was always interested in policymaking and economic issues, so when I got the opportunity to study at CEU, I felt extremely excited. In the first week or so, I realized that the program would take more time and effort than I had expected. However, learning to assess relevant current issues and think creatively on my own rather than simply memorize lexical knowledge truly compensated for the hard work required.

Chun Hung Yang | MS Fin 18 | Product Strategist, BlackRock, USA

October 24, 2019

"After gaining international experience in the investment field, I wanted to lift my skills so that I can cope with the technological transformation of financial services. The MS in Finance is equipped with cutting-edge courses and knowing professors, and offers hands-on experience that suits my career trajectory. Courses include simulations and guest speaker sessions offering valuable insights. Working with such professionally and internationally diverse classmates has boosted my thinking process from various perspectives.

Benjamin Dug | MS Fin 19 | Financial Reporting Analyst, Citi, Hungary

October 4, 2019

“CEU’s MS in Finance is a great program with devoted staff and professors, who are always willing to help students achieve their best. It is quite business-oriented and always follows the newest trends to ensure students stay competitive in the market. Besides, the MS in Finance is a unique experience. For me, it was much more than just taking courses. The whole academic experience was amazing, but one thing I would highlight is how incredible the community is. It is very diverse and such a great source of knowledge.

Reza Mirhossein | MS BA 18 | Data Scientist, Lufthansa Systems, Hungary

July 22, 2019

"It was quite challenging for me to leave my profession as an aircraft engineer and pursue my goals 3000 km away from my hometown. I always had this vision of combining my technical engineering knowledge with a more general skill, such as business analytics, to create an appealing skillset within the industry and prepare myself for our more and more data-driven world. Thankfully, CEU was the right place for this. The MS Business Analytics is a well-designed degree with a combination of soft and hard skills, which offers the opportunity to address real-world industry challenges.

Greg Batiz | MA Pol 17 | Data Lead, Asellion, Netherlands

December 14, 2017

"My years at CEU had a significant impact on my life, growing me both as a person and as a professional. I started this intellectual adventure coming from politics with a business BA. At CEU, thanks to its openness and flexibility, I discovered the different areas of analytics and data science and successfully shifted my focus to become the professional I am today. CEU equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to successfully compete on the job market, and to always keep pushing myself further.

Andrea Barabás | MS BA 16 | Senior Business Analyst, UBS, Switzerland

December 12, 2017

"Tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, this program offers a unique and challenging opportunity to understand data behind business decisions. It provides a great snapshot of how big data transforms the way business is conducted today and demonstrates the latest concepts and state-of-the art tools to get into the forefront of the big data-based data analytics. The courses strongly encourage collaborative work.

László Salló | MS BA 16 | Lead Software Engineer, EPAM, Hungary

December 12, 2017

"Being an expert of data is without doubt one the most promising career path I can imagine. On the other hand mastering it, might be really challenging, because you need to be extremely up to date in several disciplines. This is where CEU excels, we got a carefully selected mix of materials, amazingly prepared instructors and inspiring colleagues to acquire the data driven mindset of the future.” 

Ivana Đurović | MA Pol 17 | Reg. Market Manager, Schneider Electric, Hungary

December 12, 2017
"It’s hard to explain in short how much CEU affects one’s life perspective and opens the eyes about the world of opportunities. The contemporary curriculum and teaching methods allow you to get a grasp of all layers of understanding of economics and how to get the best out of each one. It is then solely up to you to choose which direction you want your career to grow in: governmental, the real sector or academia.

Dilshod Davronov | MA Pol 17 | Senior Credit Analyst, VTB Capital, Germany

December 12, 2017
"CEU cares not only about professional, but also about personal development of its students. With its world-class faculty, very helpful staff and broad alumni network the University assists its students to start a successful career. And, of course, being a member of truly international and diverse, but united community guarantees an amazing social life." 

Vladimir Yankov | MA Econ 05 | Sr. Economist, Federal Reserve Board, USA

December 12, 2017

"CEU immerses you in a vibrant academic environment that prepares you to become a citizen of the world. The combination of world-class mentors and amazingly smart, compassionate, and inspiring classmates creates a unique atmosphere of shared learning and growth. The rigorous program and the support of my classmates and mentors inspired me to pursue a PhD in Economics. Years after graduating, the most valuable gift that CEU offers is the expanding network of alumni friends with whom you really feel like close family."

Donika Limani | MA Pol 15 | PhD Development Economics, IHEID, Switzerland

December 12, 2017
"The two years spent at CEU have been fundamental to my academic, professional and personal development. Distinguished faculty were always happy to provide substantial guidance as well as financial support for my ventures in pursuit of academic knowledge and professional advancement. I also built many strong intellectual bonds and friendships with professors and peers, which have lasted way beyond the completion of the program and up to this day."

Vitaly Pruzhansky | MA Econ 00 | Partner, RBB Economics, Belgium

December 11, 2017

"CEU’s international focus is truly exceptional. You will study in a diverse multinational and multilingual community, among some of the brightest students from the CEE region. The fact that our company holds regular recruiting events at CEU is a testimony to the high quality of its programs."

Moussa Moumouni | MS Tech 14 | Head of IT & Cybersecurity, Resolute Mining, Mali

December 8, 2017

"I have been recently nominated as the Regional IT Manager for West Africa at Unilever. My CEU education has been a key differentiator during an otherwise very competitive recruitment process. I would like to thank all my great peers of the 2013-14 cohort and the wonderful faculty at CEU for the valuable learning experience I had during my time in Budapest."

Sopio Baiazde | MS Fin 15 | Treasury Senior Analyst, AIG, Ireland

December 8, 2017

“In my work back in Georgia I was feeling the need for further business-minded education in finance. The MS in Finance offered a lot of flexibility, excellent reputation and great value. This American program in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities offers an international environment that is excellent for building professional networks. The curriculum is built to suit students with very diverse professional backgrounds.”

Krisztián Farkas | MS Fin 16 | Dir. of Global Transformation, AGCO, Hungary

December 8, 2017

“Having spent several years in management consulting and then in the inside strategy organizations of large multinational companies, I wanted to deepen my finance knowledge in certain areas. When selecting CEU it was important to me that I could work and study at the same time. The School follows a pragmatic, Anglo-Saxon approach when it comes to teaching. Real-life case studies, presentations from experienced business owners and managers, as well as CEU’s highly reputed professors all focus on transferring practical knowledge to develop future leaders."

Takaomi Yoshimoto | MS Fin 16 | Credit Risk Manager, Morgan Stanley, Japan

December 8, 2017

"The MS in Finance provides holistic and intensive learning in finance. The classes are always interactive, stimulating and challenging. Students are equipped with skills and knowledge that provide a major competitive edge in today's job market. CEU is also as much about diversity as it is about academic excellence. Students are from all over the world with very diverse professional backgrounds. In such a unique environment, the CEU experience becomes nothing short of amazing and a life-long relationship."

Cosmin Ilut | MA Econ 04 | Assistant Professor, Duke University, USA

December 8, 2017

"The blend of high-level academic preparation and diverse social interactions make CEU a unique institution. The MA in Economics got students with different backgrounds to achieve an excellent knowledge in modern economics, comparable to material covered in top US PhD programs. Students work together, establish friendships and embark on life-changing career paths."

Hedvig Horváth | MA Econ 09 | Assistant Professor, UCL, UK

December 8, 2017

"My professors inspired me to continue my studies and become an academic labor economist. The program's challenging nature helped me to easily get through the first years of my PhD at UC Berkeley, while CEU’s friendly environment is reflected by the numerous “mini-reunions” we have held with fellow students at different parts of the world. CEU and the Department are treasures – the responsibility to live up to the opportunity they opened up for me still motivates me every day at work."

Petr Grishin | MA Econ 00 | Head of Macro Research, VTB Capital, Russia

December 8, 2017

"The more distant memory our graduation becomes, the stronger I realise how formative the CEU years had been for what eventually became of me. Four elements seem essential: (1) a first class, rigouros and systematic training in economics; (2) focus on the region, especially with regard to policy issues; (3) proximity of other departments, equally top-notch, that allows for time-efficient interdisciplinary forays, and (4) the liberal atmosphere that encourages open-mindedness, diversity and rationality in intellectual endeavour.

Miklós Farkas | PhD Econ 17 | Lecturer in Finance, University of Bristol, UK

June 8, 2017
"The PhD in Economics fully prepared me for an academic career. Both students and faculty are exceptionally talented and strongly motivated by the inspiring academic envirionment that is unique to the region. CEU provides generous funding for attending international conferences, summer schools and visiting other universities. The Department also offers invaluable guidance to navigate the academic job market by simulating each and every stage of the recruitment process.

András Kiss | PhD Econ 15 | Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 18, 2016

"The Department runs an excellent and well-funded PhD program. The level of courses is on par with leading European universities, teaching load is limited, and there are many opportunities for research assistantships. The weekly seminar series features invited speakers from the best departments in the world. The faculty is accessible, supportive, and its strong focus on research provides an inspiring environment for PhD students. Peers are great, and so is Budapest as a city. I can't think of another place in Europe where I'd rather spent my graduate years."

Dóra Benedek | PhD Econ 11 | Deputy Division Chief, IMF, USA

April 8, 2015

“I believe I made the right choice when choosing the CEU doctoral program and the learning experience was very enriching. The faculty and my class were excellent and very cooperative and supportive in all aspects. The University also provided a lot of support throughout my studies, both regarding finances and the overall educational environment, including the library and the class selection.

Péter Bakos | MA Econ 07 | Head of Int'l Coverage & Origination, Bank Muscat, UAE

April 8, 2015

“Studying at CEU was an amazing experience. We had the chance to learn from the best economics professors while we were in an exceptionally international environment where long-term friendships were made. It was a hard and challenging program, but I am sure that I would not be in my current position without having had the opportunity to study at CEU. Thank you!"

Katarina Lukacsy | PhD Econ 11 | Engineering Manager, Altassian, USA

April 8, 2015

“CEU was a great experience for me both professionally and personally. I received quality education that is highly valued around the world, but I also gained general skills that allowed me to place myself easily in the industry. I met people from many different countries who became my good friends and with whom I have stayed in touch ever after. CEU is not just a university to me, it is a place where I grew and matured into a self-confident adult well-prepared for life."

Jaroslaw Neneman | MA Econ 92 | Assistant Professor, Lazarski U, Poland

April 8, 2015

“I had a pleasure of being one of the first students to attend CEU, which was located in Prague at that time. In early 90s, the chance of going to study abroad was particularly rare, hence the opportunity was very exciting from the start. Students from all over Europe and highly qualified international faculty created a truly global learning experience - something very unique in this part of Europe at this time.

Roman Horvath | MA Econ 2004 | Professor, Charles University, Czechia

April 8, 2015

“It is not an exaggeration to say that CEU changed my life. Being exposed to great professors, not only from the Department, helped me deepen my knowledge and understanding of economic and social phenomena. Thanks to the excellent training I received, CEU helped me to build my career, first in the central bank and now at the university. I hope that I will be able to pass on at least the part of CEU spirit to my students. Thank you CEU, I will never forget “

Ekaterina Serikova | MA Econ Pol 2012 | Financial Projects Manager, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Russia

April 8, 2015

“CEU demanded a lot of self-learning, which helps me to this day in developing myself, paying attention to issues outside my immediate work, and trying to improve my actual work results. I learnt how to think big, because my program required broad thinking about the many trade-offs in the economy, and new approaches in public finance and trade. This is very important in the global business environment, where a true leader should not only do a job well, but also see the big picture always find new ways and opportunities.”

Nurgul Tilenbaeva | MA Econ Pol 2012 | Trade & Development Policy Consultant, UNCTAD, Switzerland

April 8, 2015

“CEU gave me the essential skills to understand, evaluate and make recommendations on economic challenges that countries throughout the world are facing. Looking back, the experience has been a true transformation for me, from an uninformed citizen susceptible to populist claims and manipulation by politicians to an informed and unbiased economist capable of making objective conclusions. This was thanks to the outstanding professors who guided us through this journey.

Victor Todorov | MA Econ, 2002 | Associate Professor of Finance, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA

April 8, 2015

“I very much enjoyed my time at CEU. The quality of the program is very high. Courses are taught at a very high level in a rigorous way. There is also an excellent academic environment which stimulated my desire to continue further with a PhD in Economics.”

Daniel Bunn | MA Econ Pol, 2012 | Legislative Correspondent for Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina, Washington DC, USA

April 8, 2015

“CEU provided me with the opportunity to learn how to communicate and work with policymakers. The importance of argument formulation and brevity was taught well, and I have benefited greatly from being able to put both my analysis and recommendations all in a few bullet points. I also appreciated the exposure to the academic literature. The importance of having significant research (and not just political considerations) to back up a recommendation is often ignored in many senate offices, and I have worked hard to include it in my own work.