Alumni Profiles

Upon completion of the program, our MA graduates possess strong analytical and quantitative skills, enabling them to pursue successful careers in government as well as the private sector. Many of our former graduates have obtained, and advanced to, top positions in government, central banks, international organizations, as well as commercial banks, consulting firms and the region's leading corporations.

Our MA graduates are also exceptionally well prepared to undertake doctoral studies in economics and finance. Year after year, our MA graduates enter the most competitive doctoral programs in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Many of our past MA graduates have, upon completion of the world's most selective PhD programs, accepted prestigious academic and non-academic positions.

Recent PhD graduates have obtained high-level research positions in central and commercial banks, as well as the government, and some have obtained teaching positions.

Profiles of several recent alumni:

The Department of Economics would like to congratulate Roman Horváth (ECON ’04), who was appointed by the President of the Czech Republic, Miloš Zeman to the rank of University Professor on June 19, 2017.

"The PhD programme at the Department of Economics fully prepared me for an academic career. Both students and faculty are exceptionally talented and strongly motivited by the inspiring academic envirionment that is unique to the region. The University provides generous funding for attending international conferences, summer schools and also for visiting other universities. The Department also offers invaluable guidance to navigate the academic job market by simulating each and every stage of the recruitment process. This guarantees that students who wish to pursue an academic career have all the means necessary, similarly to students graduating from other top institutions in Europe and worldwide."


"The Economics Department at CEU runs an excellent and well-funded PhD program. The level of courses is on par with leading European universities, teaching load is limited, and there are many opportunities for research assistantships. The weekly seminar series features invited speakers from the best departments in the world. The faculty is accessible, supportive, and its strong focus on research provides an inspiring environment for PhD students. Peers are great, and so is Budapest as a city. I can't think of another place in Europe where I'd rather spent my graduate years."

András Kiss, Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam

I believe I made the right choice when choosing the CEU doctoral program and the learning experience was very enriching. The faculty and my class were excellent and very cooperative and supportive in all aspects. The University also provided a lot of support throughout my studies, both regarding finances and the overall educational environment, including the library and the class selection. My studies provided me with the necessary background for my current work that involves technical advice to country authorities on tax policy issues, fiscal analytical work, policy impact analysis and empirical research. The skills acquired at the CEU allow me to be efficient in all these areas. The PhD program gave a good background in both macro and microeconomics and empirical analytical tools and I make use of this knowledge and skills every day of my work. “

“Studying at CEU was an amazing experience. We had the chance to learn from the best economics professors while we were in an exceptionally international environment where long term friendships were made. It was a hard and challenging 2-year program but it was definitely worth it as I am sure that I would not be in my current position without having the opportunity to study at CEU. Thank you!

“CEU has been a great experience for me both professionally and personally. I have received quality education that is highly valued around the world but I have also gained generic skills that allowed me to place myself easily in the industry. During my time at CEU I have met people from many different countries who became my good friends and with whom I stayed in touch ever after. CEU is not just a university to me, CEU is a place where I grew and matured into a self-confident adult well prepared for life."

I had a pleasure of being one of the first students to attend the CEU which was located in Prague at that time. Having graduated from University of Łódź  with MA in Economics, I went to Prague to deepen my economic knowledge.

One has to recognize that in early 90s, the chance of going to study abroad was particularly rare, hence the opportunity to study at the CEU was very exciting from the start. Students from all over Europe and highly qualified foreign staff created a truly international learning experience - something very unique in this part of Europe at this time. The content of the course was also dramatically superior to what I experienced studying in Poland during communist times.

After Prague I continued my academic career at the University of Lodz where I later earned a PhD. In the middle of the last decade I was appointed a Deputy Minister of Finance, responsible for taxation.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that CEU changed my life. Being exposed to great professors, not only from the economics department, helped me deepen my knowledge and structure of various economic and social phenomena. Thanks to the excellent training I received, CEU thus helped me to build my career, first in the central bank and now at the university. I hope that I will be able to pass at least the part of „CEU spirit“ on my students. Thank you CEU, I will never forget “

 “The feature of CEU Master Degree is huge self-learning -- a student should learn many things by him/herself, analyze it, and try to practice through homework or other practical tasks. Now this helps me to develop myself day-to-day, learning many new things outside work and trying to improve my results at work. CEU taught me how to think big, because my program "Economic policy on global markets" required wide thinking about trade-offs in economy, new approaches in public finance and trade. This learning is very important because currently in global business environment a true leader should not only do a job well, but also see a big picture, finding new ways and opportunities, otherwise, competitors will win.

Studying in the Economic Policy in Global Markets program gave me the essential set of skills to understand, evaluate and even make recommendations with respect to economic challenges that countries throughout the World are facing nowadays. Looking back, I realize that this experience has been a true transformation for me, a transformation from an uninformed citizen subject to populist claims and manipulations of the politicians to an informed and unbiased economist capable of making objective conclusions.

This was mostly thanks to the outstanding Professors who guided us thorough this journey. It was an amazing feeling to have a chance to listen to the lectures and participate in the discussions with former finance ministers, IMF consultants, economists of the Central Banks who were now our Professors. This experience has been transformational also thanks to the fellow students from different parts of the World. Not only was this the most extraordinary class of brilliant students I have ever been part of, but also our class was like a miniature model of the World where students acted like ambassadors of their country's ideas, approaches and experiences with regards to various economic challenges. This was an invaluable opportunity to learn how some of the policies or ideas that once seemed unarguably true now became a ground for controversy and constructive dispute.. This experience significantly changed my earlier perceptions and taught me that most of the challenges and issues that economies are struggling with are far more complicated than it may seem.”

“I very much enjoyed my time at CEU. The quality of the program is very high. Courses are taught at a very high level in a rigorous way. There is also an excellent academic environment which stimulated my desire to continue further with a PhD in Economics.”

My time at CEU provided me with a great opportunity to learn how to communicate and work with policy-makers. The importance of argument formulation and brevity was definitely taught well, and I have benefited greatly from being able to put both my analysis and recommendations all in a few bullet points. I have also greatly appreciated the significant exposure to the academic literature CEU provided. The importance of having significant research (and not just political considerations) to back up a recommendation is often ignored in many senate offices, and I have worked hard to include it in my own work. The ability to read, understand, contextualize and summarize an economic research paper is something I am very thankful to have learned at CEU.”