Doctor of Philosophy in Economics

The PhD program in economics prepares you to conduct cutting-edge original research addressing the fundamental economic questions of our time.  Learn the skills of leading economists, choose from many specializations, and develop your own research program.  You can utilize your knowledge in faculty positions in academia, in governmental organizations, as well as in the private sector.

At a glance:

  • One or two years of coursework on state-of-the-art knowledge and skills.
  • Independent research period guided by faculty members.
  • Tuition waiver and a generous stipend for all students.

You will take courses taught by internationally recognized faculty with PhD degrees from some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard, MIT, and Princeton.  After choosing two fields of specialization, you will select an advisor from these faculty members to guide you as you hone your skills and develop your own research program. 

Fast transition to research, close supervision: 

  • Low coursework for students from qualified MA programs. Extensive coursework reduction for graduates from MA in Economics at CEU.  
  • We expect that you have taken core courses in a research-oriented MA program. If you have insufficient training, we encourage you to apply to MA in Economics first and opt for the research track once you are admitted. 
  • High faculty-to-student ratio. Supervision by researchers working on the cutting edge of their fields. 
  • Regular one-on-one coaching in presentation skills. 
  • Access to detailed micro-level datasets on the region and the related institutional knowledge. 
  • Seminar series hosting top researchers in a variety of fields. 

Placements in academia, policy and private sector: 

As a PhD economist, your skills will be in high demand from many different types of organizations.  You can become a faculty member at a university, a researcher at a central bank or other national or international governmental organization, or a consultant or other professional in the private sector.

Program Heads: Prof. Andrea Weber (for the U.S. and Austrian accredited program) and Prof. László Mátyás (for the Hungarian accredited program).

Program Administrator: Zsuzsanna Bordas (room: QS B-507, email: