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2024 (selected forthcoming publications)

  • Gabor Bekes and Gianmarco I.P Ottaviano, 2023. "Cultural Homophily and Collaboration in Superstar Teams", Management Science, conditionally accepted.
  • Akbar, Y. H.and Eszter Fabriczki, 2024. "Nonmarket Dynamic Capabilities: Managing Business Environment Turbulence," European Journal of International Management, forthcoming.
  • Horvath, Julius and Rene Matlovic, 2024. "The Complexities of the Slovak Higher Education Development," Book Chapter, Maarif Global Education Series: Global Agenda and Educational Reforms, Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Ruzicska, György, Ramzi Chariag, Olivér Kiss and Miklós Koren, 2024. "Can Machine Learning Beat Gravity in Flow Prediction?" in Matyas (ed.) The Econometrics of Multi-dimensional Panels, 2nd edition, Springer.
  • Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster, 2024. "Salient Cues and Complexity," Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Tomy Lee and Chaojun Wang. 2023. "Why Trade Over the Counter?", Journal of Finance, forthcoming.
  • Balazsi, L., Matyas, L. and Wansbeek, T., 2024. "Fixed Effects Models," in Matyas (ed.) The Econometrics of Multi-dimensional Panels, 2nd edition, Springer.
  • Clarissa Lotti, Arieda Muco, Giancarlo Spagnolo and Tommaso Valletti, 2024. "Indirect Savings from Public Procurement Centralization," American Economic Journal: Policy, forthcoming.

2023 (selected publications)

  • Akbar, Y. H., and Kisilowski, M. , 2023. "Bargaining and Nonbargaining Nonmarket Strategies: A General Model and Data From Post-Communist Countries." Business & Society, 62(8), 1697-1734.
  • Zsofia L. Barany, Nicolas Coeurdacier and Stephane Guibaud, 2023. "Capital Flows in an Aging World", Journal of International Economics, 140, 103707.
  • Danis, Andras, and Andrea Gamba (2023), "Dark Knights: The Rise in Firm Intervention by Credit Default Swap Investors," Management Science, forthcoming.
  • Horvath, Julius, 2023. "Central Planning and Ideas of Market Reform in Czechoslovakia, 1945–1990". In: János Mátyás Kovács, ed., Series Revisiting Communism: Collectivist Economic and Political Thought in Historical Perspective, Lexington Books, Rowman and Littlefield.
  • Paul Heidhues, Mats Köster, Botond Kőszegi, 2023. "Steering Fallible Consumers," The Economic Journal, Volume 133, Issue 652, Pages 1430–1465.
  • Ingrid Huitfeldt, Andreas Kostol, Jan Nimczik and Andrea Weber, 2023. "Internal Labor Markets: A Worker Flow Approach," Journal of Econometrics, 223, pp. 661-688.

2022 (selected publications)

  • Horvath, Julius. History of Slovak Economic Thought, 2022. Routledge, London and New York.
  • Kaufmann, Marc, 2022. "Projection bias in effort choices", Games and Economic Behavior, 135, pp. 368-393.
  • Markus Dertwinkel-Kalt and Mats Köster, 2022. "Attention to Online Sales: The Role of Brand Image Concerns." Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 31(1), 2022, 64-89
  • Qingliang Fan, Yu-Chin Hsu, Robert P. Lieli, Yichong Zhang. 2022. "Estimation of Conditional Average Treatment Effects With High-Dimensional Data", Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 40, pp. 313-327.
  • Chan, F. and Matyas, L. (eds.), 2022. Econometrics with Machine Learning, Springer, 371 pp.
  • Pierre-Loup Beauregard, Marie Connolly, Catherine Haeck and Tímea Laura Molnár, 2022. "Primary School Reopenings and Parental Work," Canadian Journal of Economics, Volume 55, Issue 1, Special Issue on COVID Economics.
  • Card, David, David Lee, Zhuan Pei and Andrea Weber. 2022. "Local Polynomial Order in Regression Discontinuity Designs," Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 40(3), 1259-1267.