"Mastering Data Analysis with R"

January 12, 2016

We are happy to welcome Professor Gergely Daróczi to CEU who will be teaching Tools for Analytics Lab- R -track in the Winter Semester in our MSc in Business Analytics program. Professor Daróczi is an expert in R-Programming and has just published his book on the topic in October 2015. 

"Although I do not think that reading this ~400 page book will turn everyone into a true master of R and data analysis, but I believe it can get you on the way. I wrote this book for a relatively large target audience in mind with some prior R experience (like at an introductory university course or MOOC covering how to install R, load CSV files or generate a histogram), but without the time/need to walk through a complete series of books on the stats background, algorithms and domain specific knowledge on handling different data types."

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