Kristóf Rábay | MS BA 20 | Data Scientist, Hiflylabs, Hungary

January 16, 2021

"Completing the MS in Business Analytics enabled me to get a job that involves statistical data analysis, building, training and deploying machine learning models, both in Python and R. It helped me shift my career towards something that requires creativity, problem solving skills and business thinking. Not only did it help me find an awesome job, it also allowed me to do fun stuff in my spare time. I’ve written flight fare monitoring scripts, built sports prediction apps and news classifying models.

I was working on a bank digitization project at one of the MBB firms when I first came across the terms data engineering, data science and ML. I started reading up on these professions and found data science so intriguing that I decided to get my master's degree in the field. That is when I searched and found CEU.

I really encourage you to apply for this program. During its ten months you will be introduced to knowledge that is must-have for any prospective data scientist. You will go from building simple linear regression models all the way to training deep neural networks that can classify images. Meanwhile you will get hands-on experience in web scraping, integrating cloud-based (AWS) solutions to your workflow, analyzing raw textual data, and building real-time data applications."