Máté Kalapos | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 24, 2021

"I graduated from Corvinus University with a BSc in Business and Management. I was already planning to work in the finance industry during my studies, so going in this direction was the obvious choice for me. Eager to broaden my knowledge in finance and economics I chose to join the MS in Finance part-time while continuing to work.

CEU offers top-level education with professors experts in their fields and from all over the world. CEU's international community was actually one of the things that caught my attention, because experiencing diversity and interacting with different cultures is both a great opportunity as well as beneficial to your career.

The courses offered at CEU are great for anyone looking for a career in finance, since there is a great deal of choice and everyone can go in the direction they want to. I can already say that the courses I have completed so far have given me exceptional practical and theoretical knowledge. I am currently with Morgan Stanley, and my CEU studies have already impacted my work in multiple ways: they have helped me get a deeper understanding of many issues, and I have even applied my newly acquired programming skills.

CEU offers career support with HR experts deeply connected into industry, who help everyone find their ideal workplace. The capstone consulting project is also a highlight that helps us build our career, since we can work on impactful real-life projects with client firms of our choice."