Elen Mikayelyan | Armenia | MS Fin 21

January 29, 2021
Elen Mikayelyan

"I graduated with a BA in Economcs from Yerevan State University. Back when I was just a pupil in middle school, I had already decided that I was going to get my master’s degree from abroad. Selecting the university to go to was surely hard. But, when I first visited CEU and talked to people back in 2018, I became sure that I was going to study there. The faculty and staff were very helpful, and i was confident that they would support me through any situation that might occur.

When I decided to join the MS in Finance, my main thought was that it provided very interesting courses and had faculty right from the field. I was looking forward to getting not only theoretical knowledge but hands-on experience from the market.

One of the main achievements I have gained at CEU is confidence. Before joining, I was not sure whether I was competitive in the market or the knowledge I had was something that was needed. Through the many interactive classes and group projects I have learnt to value myself and understand my key professional strengths.

CEU gives you a network of like-minded people from dozens of different backgrounds and visions. In fact, I have recently joined a fintech startup founded by one of my classmates. You can be sure that not only will you get top-shelf knowledge, but connections, networking opportunities and new career prospects.

I can confidently say that CEU was, is, and always will be a life-changing experience that I would recommend each and every of you. One Love, One CEU."