Nurgul Tilenbaeva | MA Econ Pol 2012 | Trade & Development Policy Consultant, UNCTAD, Switzerland

April 15, 2021
Nurgul  Tilenbaeva

“CEU gave me the essential skills to understand, evaluate and make recommendations on economic challenges that countries throughout the world are facing. Looking back, the experience has been a true transformation for me, from an uninformed citizen susceptible to populist claims and manipulation by politicians to an informed and unbiased economist capable of making objective conclusions. This was thanks to the outstanding professors who guided us through this journey. Our class was also not only the most extraordinary collection of brilliant students I have ever been in, but a miniature model of the world where students acted like ambassadors of their country's ideas, approaches and experiences. It was invaluable to learn how some policies or ideas that once had seemed unarguably true now became grounds for controversy and constructive dispute.”