ECBS collaborates with DPP in large-scale EU research project RESPOND - Rescuing Democracy from Political Corruption in Digital Societies

February 8, 2024

The CEU team led by Mihály Fazekas (CEU DPP) consists of Ágnes Bátory (CEU DPP) and Arieda Muço (CEU ECBS) and will involve many other colleagues at the postdoc, PhD and MA levels. The RESPOND project is funded by the Horizon Europe programme, and it will shed light on political corruption and undue influence that undermine the quality of democracy across Europe. It will specifically look at corrupt phenomena in political finance, lobbying, revolving doors/personal ties, and media capture.The project will run for 5 years and is coordinated by University of Bologna (Italy), involving partners such as King’s College London (UK), Quality of Government Institute (SE), Sciences Po (FR), and Transcrime (IT), among many others. This exciting new project will directly build on the Global Corruption Observatory project, lead by Mihály Fazekas at DPP.