Peter Simon | MA Pol 19 | Sales Director, Yaw VR, Hungary

February 3, 2020

"I could hardly believe I had been accepted, especially because I was coming from a very different field. While I did my BA in American Studies, I was always interested in policymaking and economic issues, so when I got the opportunity to study at CEU, I felt extremely excited. In the first week or so, I realized that the program would take more time and effort than I had expected. However, learning to assess relevant current issues and think creatively on my own rather than simply memorize lexical knowledge truly compensated for the hard work required.

Chun Hung Yang | MS Fin 18 | Product Strategist, BlackRock, USA

October 24, 2019

"After gaining international experience in the investment field, I wanted to lift my skills so that I can cope with the technological transformation of financial services. The MS in Finance is equipped with cutting-edge courses and knowing professors, and offers hands-on experience that suits my career trajectory. Courses include simulations and guest speaker sessions offering valuable insights. Working with such professionally and internationally diverse classmates has boosted my thinking process from various perspectives.

Benjamin Dug | MS Fin 19 | Financial Reporting Analyst, Citi, Hungary

October 4, 2019

“CEU’s MS in Finance is a great program with devoted staff and professors, who are always willing to help students achieve their best. It is quite business-oriented and always follows the newest trends to ensure students stay competitive in the market. Besides, the MS in Finance is a unique experience. For me, it was much more than just taking courses. The whole academic experience was amazing, but one thing I would highlight is how incredible the community is. It is very diverse and such a great source of knowledge.

Reza Mirhossein | MS BA 18 | Data Scientist, Lufthansa Systems, Hungary

July 22, 2019

"It was quite challenging for me to leave my profession as an aircraft engineer and pursue my goals 3000 km away from my hometown. I always had this vision of combining my technical engineering knowledge with a more general skill, such as business analytics, to create an appealing skillset within the industry and prepare myself for our more and more data-driven world. Thankfully, CEU was the right place for this. The MS Business Analytics is a well-designed degree with a combination of soft and hard skills, which offers the opportunity to address real-world industry challenges.

Greg Batiz | MA Pol 17 | Data Lead, Asellion, Netherlands

December 14, 2017

"My years at CEU had a significant impact on my life, growing me both as a person and as a professional. I started this intellectual adventure coming from politics with a business BA. At CEU, thanks to its openness and flexibility, I discovered the different areas of analytics and data science and successfully shifted my focus to become the professional I am today. CEU equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to successfully compete on the job market, and to always keep pushing myself further.