Major research funding

The department hosts three  European Research Council Grants. These are major 5-year research grants, each in excess of €1 million, to promote scientific excellence.

  1. Professor Ádám Szeidl's project (Consolidator Grant) studies the economic implications of social networks, 
  2. Professor Botond Kőszegi's project (Consolidator Grant) studies diverse topics in behavioral economics,
  3. Professor Miklós Koren's project (Starting Grant) studies knowledge flows from more developed economies to Central and Eastern Europe.

Professor László Mátyás and the CEU Economics Department were (2013-16) of part of a nine-member consortium holding a European FP7 grant (COEURE (COoperation for EUropean Research in Economics) to study the state of Economics research in Europe, and make proposals for future research funding mechanisms.