Bálint Tóth | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 26, 2021

After studying business administration and working in banking and investment banking, I was completely sure of my plan: I wanted to continue developing my career in the finance industry.

Bence Rottek | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 25, 2021

After my bachelor's in a fairly different field, I was looking for a program that would give me both strong fundamentals in finance and the opportunity to immerse in specific finance topics.

Máté Kalapos | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 24, 2021

"I graduated from Corvinus University with a BSc in Business and Management. I was already planning to work in the finance industry during my studies, so going in this direction was the obvious choice for me. Eager to broaden my knowledge in finance and economics I chose to join the MS in Finance part-time while continuing to work.

Zsombor Hegedüs | Hungary | MS BA 21

January 23, 2021

As years went by I got more and more certain that I would stay in the job market until a colleague of mine told me about the MS in Business Analytics that he had just graduated from.

Máté Ligeti | Hungary | MS Fin 21

January 22, 2021

"Even though I was always interested in finance, being born into a family of architects, I started off my career as an architectural engineer. It took me a couple of years to drift back to finance through project management, real estate asset management, and later management consulting. In the last couple of years, I was inclined to give in to my interest, and career aspirations, in finance studies, I just could not find the right time and the right place.