Péter Hardi

Professor Emeritus

Contact information

Nador u. 13
N13 603
+36 1 887 5028

Prof. Hardi’s interdisciplinary background helps him combine theoretical knowledge with practical expertise. His research focuses on theoretical and methodological issues of sustainable development (SD) in business and policy-making; sustainability assessment; corporate reporting and corporate social responsibility.

Prof. Hardi has managed international projects ranging from strategic environmental assessments, SD performance evaluation, sustainability indicators design to corporate governance, corporate responsibility and corporate reporting. He also has extensive experience in managing public-private partnership projects both in developed world and countries in transition. Professor Hardi has three decades of teaching experience with a number of European and North American universities and over fifteen years of experience in providing multi-stakeholder and corporate training and capacity building in culturally most diverse settings. He consults major international corporations on CSR and business sustainability.

Dr. Hardi is the author of numerous papers in academic journals, monographs and books, including: Evaluating Sustainable Development Vol. 1 and 2, (Co-editor), Edward Elgar Publisher 2007; Assessing Sustainable Development: Principles in Practice (Co-editor), IISD 1997; Environmental Protection in East-Central Europe: A Market-Oriented Approach. Bertelsmann Foundation Publisher 1994; and Environmental Policy Making in Central and Eastern Europe. University of California, Berkeley 1992.



CSc. in Political Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yale University
Ph.D. in Political Philosophy, ELTE University of Sciences
M.A. in Philosophy, ELTE University of Sciences
M.Sc. in Chemistry, ELTE University of Natural Sciences

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