Overview of the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets

The duration of the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets is two academic years. The academic year is partitioned into three terms: the Fall term, the Winter term, the Spring term and the internship at the end of the first year of studies.

Incoming first-year students start their studies with a pre-session in early September before the Fall term of their first academic year. During the pre-session, students participate in an introductory mathematics course (Introduction into Quantitative Methods: Mathematics) and get acquainted with CEU. The pre-session ends with an examination in Mathematics.

In the Fall and Winter terms students take compulsory core courses in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics for Economic Policy, Data Analysis, International Economic Policy, Finance and Global Economy: Emergence and Current Issues for 25 credits. Students also take an intensive course in Academic and Policy Paper Writing in the Winter term for Pass/Fail. During the Fall term in the first year, students can take no other courses than the core courses offered by the Department of Economics and Business.

In the Winter and Spring terms of the first year, as well as in the Fall and Winter terms of the second year students take both mandatory and elective courses (including courses from outside the department, if they wish to do so, for a maximum of 4 credits).

During the Summer students have to complete an internship of 40 working days. Terms and conditions of the internship will be regulated in a separate document. In the Winter term of the second year students have to propose a thesis research topic and start working on their MA thesis with the help of their supervisor(s).

The Spring term of the second year is solely devoted to thesis work. At the end of the second year, students submit their MA thesis and take part in the oral defense.