Overview of the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets

The duration of the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets is two academic years. The overview of the program structure is as follows:

  • Pre-session: getting acquainted with CEU plus remedial mathematics course. Opting out of the course is possible only if a student passes a preliminary test with a sufficiently high mark. Final exam must be passed to continue in the program. 
  • Fall first year: foundational mandatory courses in micro and macroeconomics, and data analysis (statistics). No electives possible.
  • Winter first year: mandatory courses in global economic policy issues and academic writing. Electives may begin.
  • Spring first year: elective courses
  • Summer after first year: internship (terms and conditions are regulated in a separate document)
  • Fall second year: more elective courses, Economic Policy Seminar Series
  • Winter second year: more elective courses; thesis topic must be chosen, advisor is assigned, and work on thesis begins
  • Spring second year: thesis writing and defense

By completing the program requirements, students will obtain a degree that is officially recognized in Austria (and hence within the European Union) as well as in the United Sates.

Which program is right for me: MA in Economics or MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets?

  • If you are considering continuing to a PhD or want to become a professional researcher or work in a technically more demanding job that involves data analysis, modeling, programming, I would suggest the MA in Economics program. It is a more rigorous and technical program, at the same time it is also more mathematically challenging, so in essence it is a “deeper” program.

  • If your goal is to find a job in government (ministries, central banks), international organizations, or in the private sector (banks, consulting firms, etc.), then the MA in Economic Policy may be the right choice for you. It is lighter on methodology, rigor and depth, but at the same time it is more flexible and provides access to a wider variety of courses, and so in essence it is a “broader” program.

  • If you cannot decide, feel free to apply to both, we can help clarify your questions in the interviews and in case you are admitted to both programs, you can decide based on the offers you get. Please note however, that you need to make a final decision on which program you choose at the time you enroll the latest, transfers between the programs later are typically not allowed.

How much does the program cost?

CEU is a private university that charges tuition. The full tuition for a year is 12,000 EUR. Many students qualify for at least a partial tuition waiver and the best applicants may even receive a monthly scholarship. If you want to be considered for financial aid, please apply by February 1, 2022.

Financial aid allocation is based on our assessment of your academic potential, which in turn, depends on the quality of your application (the courses you took, grades, recommendations, etc.) It is hard to say what the exact cost of studies is going to be before you receive an offer letter.