Students & Testimonials

MS in Business Analytics Class of 2019

  • Students: 25
  • Countries: 8 in Europe, the Americas and Asia
  • Age: 29 years on average, ranging from 22 to 48
  • Work experience: 5 years on average, ranging from 0 to 23
  • Female-to-male: 6:19

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Laszlo Sallo
Delivery Manager, EPAM Systems

"Being an expert of data is without doubt one of the most promising career paths I can imagine. On the other hand, mastering it can be really challenging, because you need to be very up-to-date in several disciplines. This is where CEU excels: we got a carefully selected mix of materials, amazingly prepared instructors and inspiring colleagues to acquire the data-driven mindset of the future.

Sandor Budai
Freelance Data Structurer, Analyzer and Visualizer

"Obtaining an American business diploma in a Central European city where you actually live was a seductive notion for me. Students and lecturers made my studies a rewarding experience. Completing the program is an exhausting but joyful and exciting adventure."

Andrea Barabas
Senior Business Analyst, UBS Switzerland

"Tailored to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries, this program offers a unique and challenging opportunity to understand data behind business decisions. It provides a great snapshot of how big data transforms the way business is conducted today, and demonstrates the latest concepts and state-of-the art tools to get into the forefront of big data-based data analytics. The courses strongly encourage collaborative work among classmates from various firms and government organizations, which results in broader knowledge sharing as well as excellent networking opportunities. The program also offers a chance to learn from and interact with distinguished researchers and business professionals from all over the globe."