Overview of the PhD in Business Administration program

Please note that we no longer accept applications to this program.
In the context of shifting emphasis away from management education, CEU Senate made a decision to stop recruitment of new candidates to the PhD Administration program.


The coursework is organized into concentrated course modules four times per year for the first two years. During these modules, you will take advanced MBA courses (e.g., Data, Finance) with Executive MBA participants as well as courses specifically designed to increase your knowledge of and ability to contribute to the current business research literature. Upon successful completion of the Comprehensive Exam at the end of your 2nd year, you will then proceed to your doctoral dissertation research.


The program has two tracks. The full-time track consists of two years of classes and an additional two years to complete the dissertation while the part-time track consists of the same initial two years of courses but then allows students four years to balance full-time work obligations with dissertation work.

Full-time track

Each year, there are a limited number of places for applicants who wish to pursue the full-time track. This track is designed for candidates wishing to build a career in academic teaching and research. This requires full-time residence at CEU’s Vienna, Austria campus during the program. Full-time track participants are expected to be fully engaged in department-level activities. For students wishing to pursue this track, a limited number of full scholarships are available that cover tuition and provide a three-year stipend to cover living expenses.

Part-time track

The part-time track is designed for senior- and board-level professionals who desire to achieve a doctoral degree in business administration while continuing their professional responsibilities and careers. The PhD will equip you with practice-centered applied research to fulfill leadership or other strategic responsibilities. You will join a group of intelligent and motivated doctoral fellows from all over the world. You will gain the cutting-edge, advanced knowledge to analyze, evaluate and lead change and solve complex business issues.