Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements for the PhD in Business Administration Program


General CEU Admission Requirements:


Program specific requirements:

  • A short statement of purpose (max. 500 words): The Motivation Letter or Statement of Purpose should express the applicant’s reasons for applying to the program (1-2 pages).
  • GMAT or GRE General Test score

For official enrollment, CEU must receive official score reports in hard copies to be sent to CEU directly from the testing institutions. (GRE institutional code: 0069)

  • A research proposal (1500 to 2000 words)

The research proposal should include the research questions, aims and objectives of a research project. It should situate the project in the context of the existing literature, be clear as to the expected academic contribution, and outline possible appropriate analytical frameworks and methodologies. The submitted research proposal will be used during the application process to assess the applicant's understanding of what doing research in business administration entails.

Applicants are expected to hold an internationally recognized MBA or Master's degree equivalent in or comparable degree in the social sciences or other fields to which business administration theory is applicable.

CEU Master's students wishing to enter CEU Doctoral Programs shall have a GPA of 3.3 or higher in their Master's coursework. In reviewing the application, the Doctoral Committee will determine the GPA adequacy of a non-CEU Master's degree. The PhD program will admit approximately 3-5 students each year to the PhD program.