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The Class of 2021 has 40 students from 17 countries. They are aged 28 on average, ranging from 22 to 44. Among the world's most international schools, CEU brings together 1,299 students from 105 countries.

Connecting with our students is a great way to find out more about the MS in Finance, CEU, and life as an expat in Budapest and beyond. You can ask them about their experiences, why they chose the MS in Finance, and how it is benefiting their career progression.

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Máté Szalkai-Szabó | MS Fin 20 | Quant Risk Manager, UNIQA, Hungary

January 24, 2021

"I chose the MS in Finance at CEU because I was looking for a university that could provide a solid knowledge of both finance and data analytics. Prior to CEU I worked as an actuarial analyst at a consultancy for 12 years. This was an exciting position where my main focus was on complex liability modelling. But, I wanted to broaden my knowledge and build expertise in finance.

Harshita Saxena | MS Fin 20 | Product Strategy Analyst, BlackRock, Hungary

January 24, 2021

"The kind of opportunities CEU provided in terms of job placements right after graduation were far beyond what I could have hoped for. There is no other institution as per my research that has that kind of recruitment and placement team that CEU has. The personalized support I received through the university and the scholarship, was exceptional, from making my CV to directing me to companies. The entire team was truly instrumental in helping me identify my interests.

Benjamin Dug | MS Fin 19 | Financial Reporting Analyst, Citi, Hungary

January 24, 2021

“CEU’s MS in Finance is a great program with devoted staff and professors, who are always willing to help students achieve their best. It is quite business-oriented and always follows the newest trends to ensure students stay competitive in the market. Besides, the MS in Finance is a unique experience. For me, it was much more than just taking courses. The whole academic experience was amazing, but one thing I would highlight is how incredible the community is. It is very diverse and such a great source of knowledge.

Fanni Pfeningberger | MS Fin & Tech 20 | Financial Markets Advisory, BlackRock, Hungary

January 24, 2021

"Being a member of the Class of 2020, I graduated with distinction from the Fintech Management Parallel Degree consisting of the MS in Finance and MS in Technology Management & Innovation. The year was full of challenges, especially as I was doing the two programs simultaneously, which required the development of new skills and challenged me in several areas. As part of my degree, I presented my project focusing on the international expansion of (previously Family Finances) which was honoured with the Outstanding Capstone Project award.

Chun Hung Yang | MS Fin 18 | Product Strategist, BlackRock, USA

October 24, 2019

"After gaining international experience in the investment field, I wanted to lift my skills so that I can cope with the technological transformation of financial services. The MS in Finance is equipped with cutting-edge courses and knowing professors, and offers hands-on experience that suits my career trajectory. Courses include simulations and guest speaker sessions offering valuable insights. Working with such professionally and internationally diverse classmates has boosted my thinking process from various perspectives.

Sopio Baiazde | MS Fin 15 | Treasury Senior Analyst, AIG, Ireland

January 5, 2018

“In my work back in Georgia I was feeling the need for further business-minded education in finance. The MS in Finance offered a lot of flexibility, excellent reputation and great value. This American program in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities offers an international environment that is excellent for building professional networks. The curriculum is built to suit students with very diverse professional backgrounds.”

Krisztián Farkas | MS Fin 16 | Dir. of Global Transformation, AGCO, Hungary

January 3, 2018

“Having spent several years in management consulting and then in the inside strategy organizations of large multinational companies, I wanted to deepen my finance knowledge in certain areas. When selecting CEU it was important to me that I could work and study at the same time. The School follows a pragmatic, Anglo-Saxon approach when it comes to teaching. Real-life case studies, presentations from experienced business owners and managers, as well as CEU’s highly reputed professors all focus on transferring practical knowledge to develop future leaders."

Takaomi Yoshimoto | MS Fin 16 | Credit Risk Manager, Morgan Stanley, Japan

January 2, 2018

"The MS in Finance provides holistic and intensive learning in finance. The classes are always interactive, stimulating and challenging. Students are equipped with skills and knowledge that provide a major competitive edge in today's job market. CEU is also as much about diversity as it is about academic excellence. Students are from all over the world with very diverse professional backgrounds. In such a unique environment, the CEU experience becomes nothing short of amazing and a life-long relationship."

Meet Our Students

Attila Szűts | Hungary | MS BA 21

"I joined CEU after finishing my studies in psychology, where I was also a research lab assistant in the field of decision-making.

Elen Mikayelyan | Armenia | MS Fin 21

"I graduated with a BA in Economcs from Yerevan State University. Back when I was just a pupil in middle school, I had already decided that I was going to get my master’s degree from abroad. Selecting the university to go to was surely hard.

Gergő Ropka | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"I came to CEU with a background in data analytics and a bachelor’s degree in business administration. I was always interested in quantitative finance and eager to dig deeper into statistics. I found a great opportunity here to learn from exceptional academics and practitioners in these areas.

Mariam Bazzi | Lebanon | MS BA 21

"I have found my education at CEU to be profoundly beneficial, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. No road toward self-improvement can be adequately taken without proper support and communication, and that is where CEU has excelled.

Bálint Tóth | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"After studying business administration and working in banking and investment banking, I was completely sure of my plan: I wanted to continue developing my career in the finance industry. I applied for the MS in Finance to dive even deeper.

Bence Rottek | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"After my bachelor's in a fairly different field, I was looking for a program that would give me both strong fundamentals in finance and the opportunity to immerse in specific finance topics.

Máté Kalapos | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"I graduated from Corvinus University with a BSc in Business and Management. I was already planning to work in the finance industry during my studies, so going in this direction was the obvious choice for me. Eager to broaden my knowledge in finance and economics I chose to join the MS in Finance part-time while continuing to work.

Zsombor Hegedüs | Hungary | MS BA 21

"After completing my bachelor’s I tried my luck working full-time, not knowing whether I would return to academia or not. As years went by I got more and more certain that I would stay in the job market until a colleague of mine told me about the MS in Business Analytics that he had just graduated from.

Máté Ligeti | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"Even though I was always interested in finance, being born into a family of architects, I started off my career as an architectural engineer. It took me a couple of years to drift back to finance through project management, real estate asset management, and later management consulting.

Bahr Al Souri | Syria | MS Fin 21

"I hold a Bachelor's in Banking and Insurance Systems. Although my passion has always been finance, I have not had the opportunity to work in this field. Hence, I decided to pursue a finance master's to keep me on the right track towards my career goals and to enhance my knowledge in the field.

Attila Serfőző | Hungary | MS BA 21

"After finishing my BSc studies in Finance and Accounting I worked as a consultant for multinational firms. Frequently performing long analytical and modelling tasks manually to create an analysis felt quite old-fashioned for nowadays.

Áron Gebe | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"My background is in international relations, which I chose to study since I have always been interested in the complexity and interconnectedness of governments, international organizations, and NGOs. During my time at the Political Science faculty of Leiden University, I developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and investing.

Kata Süle | Hungary | MS BA 21

"I came across data analysis and data science during my bachelor's studies as an applied economics student. I found it extremely fascinating and was hoping to find a master's program that would equip me with all the necessary knowledge and skills of this field.

Abhishek Kumar | India | MS Fin 21

"I am a software engineer with a decade of international experience in data engineering and business intelligence. I mostly worked for banking clients, and it was from here that I got curious about understanding the financial data I was working on.

Dominik Gulácsy | Hungary | MS BA 2021

"I arrived at CEU as a student with a background in finance and accounting. During my undergraduate studies, I was always looking for opportunities to learn more about technology and how data can be used to make decisions and optimize processes.

Bálint Bojkó | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"I applied to CEU with a BA in Psychology from Eötvös Lóránd University, and an MSc in Behavioural Data Science from the University of Amsterdam. At the time of application, I had 9 months of work experience in the retail banking sector as an analyst and data scientist.

Ashrith Darapureddy | India | MS Fin 21

"I am currently a CFA Level 3 candidate, and decided to broaden my knowledge in the field of finance and technology. Moreover, I wanted to gain international exposure so I could expand my skillset. I chose to study in the MS in Finance at CEU because of its outstanding reputation, professional faculty and American accreditation.

Fasih Atif | Pakistan | MS BA 21

"I completed my undergraduate in marketing, which lacked in technical courses for a data-driven world. I had some prior experience in programming but it wasn’t anything advanced.

Kipkoech Rutto | Kenya | MS Fin 21

"With a bachelor's degree in actuarial science and four years’ experience in the insurance industry, I decided to pursue a master's degree in finance to broaden my skills especially in investment, risk and asset management, and to earn how to utilize data analysis tools such as R, Python, VBA, SQL and Tableau in a corporate setting.

Agnes Cecilia Reyes | Philippines | MS Fin 21

"Prior to enrolling at CEU, I had a little more than two years of work experience in the insurance industry, and discrepancies were becoming mere red Excel cells to be zeroed out. I have been wanting to broaden my experience in the financial services sector.

Ann May Gonzaga | Philippines | MS Fin 21

"I have an undergraduate in mathematics and have been working in actuarial liability modeling. I am pursuing the MS in Finance at CEU because I want to see the inner workings on and business decisions for both sides of the balance sheet.

Sevara Kamolova | Uzbekistan | MS Fin 21

"I earned a BSc in Economics with Finance from the University of Westminster. I was eager to learn more and advance my knowledge of finance and data analytics to fulfill the needs of today’s modern scientific as well as professional challenges.

Gábor Zsarnóczi | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"During my bachelor studies in International business I acquired general knowledge about business and economics. I wanted to dig deeper in these areas and complement my knowledge with practical skills in finance, programming and other areas.

Anthony Njeru | Kenya | MS Fin 21

"I am certainly aware that our background should not be a hindrance to scaling the heights of prestigious higher learning. My journey to CEU has been a remarkable one.

Yuri Cunha | Brazil | MS BA 21

“CEU is the greatest combination of a multicultural environment with a highly professional educational structure. As a Brazilian data analyst, it is a pleasure for me to enjoy to the fullest what a fabulous institution like CEU is able to provide."

Gergely Szlobodnyik | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"At the end of my PhD studies in Computer Science I decided to extend my knowledge with financial and economic skills. My motivation was two-fold. On one hand, I was interested in quantitative finance as I have seen several applications of my previous research in finance.

Shohrukh Tojidinov | Tajikistan | MA Pol 22

"Studying in the MA in Economic Policy in Global Markets at CEU has been a lot of pleasure and a challenge at the same time, since it demands much dedication and effort. It has been incredible for me so far.

Ali Asad Rashid | Pakistan | MA Pol 21

“I was a little hesitant when applying for my masters, as I was going back in education after a break. I was working at an economic research center and I knew I want to pursue a graduate program in policy.

Kristóf Mészáros | Hungary | MS Fin 21

"I studied applied economics for my BSc and felt that finance as my master's would be a huge opportunity for me to mix the two closely related fields.
I chose CEU because of its ranking, reputation, location, Am

Ramzi Chariag | Tunisia | MA Econ 22

"It is never easy to feel home when you are thousands of miles away. However, CEU represents possibly one of the most international communities in Europe. The CEU community provides that warm feeling of being surrounded by supportive, trustworthy, and reliable people. That warm feeling of home.

Xinqi Wang | China | MS BA 21

"When choosing CEU and the MS in Business Analytics, the most important considerations were the school's outstanding reputation and the program's challenging professional curriculum.

Abay Jumabayev | Kazakhstan | MA Econ 22

"Being a student in the MA in Economics at CEU has made me realize that I am on the right track and want to pursue a career in the field.

Nishat Tasnim Akhi | Bangladesh | MA Pol 21

"As a CEU student I have been given more than I was promised in the acceptance letter. Being a an Economic Policy student, not only have I learnt to draft policies and evaluate the loopholes in policies, but also got to work with leading policy analysts as my professors during my courses.

Li Jia | China | MS BA 21

"I am a native of China and have traveled to many European and Middle Eastern countries as a former trade finance manager in an international oil and gas company.

Ainura Karabayeva | Kazakhstan | MA Econ 21

"I am lucky enough to have been a part of CEU during these difficult times when we have had to study both on campus and online. What are my thoughts on CEU now? To me, it is all about the care and total dedication to its students that it has shown.

Kabiru Lawal | Nigeria | MA Pol 21

"CEU has provided me with a platform to conveniently reach for the stars. We have been challenged academically, using world-class resources. From a generous scholarship to wonderful faculty and staff, I have enjoyed tremendous support at every stage of my CEU journey.

Dilnovoz Abdurazzakova | Uzbekistan | MA Econ 21

"The MA in Economics at CEU allows students to improve their empirical and quantitative skills intensively in order to then conduct high quality research. Another important advantage of the program are its professional faculty and students from all over the globe, which creates a friendly atmosphere and helps us develop a worldwide network."

Ferowza Swapnil | Bangladesh | MA Pol 22

“Just like everyone else, the COVID pandemic has come with numerous challenges for me. Continuing online classes from home, far from Vienna, has been mentally and physically exhausting.

Rafael Frade | Brazil | MA Econ 21

"I am a Brazilian student passionate about economics and public policy. After a BA in social sciences, I came to CEU for MA in Economics. I have found not only top-notch education and a great international community, but also a place where democracy and human rights defence are unquestionable values."

Yerkanat Moldabekov | Kazakhstan | MA Pol 22

"CEU has provided me with a solid understanding of economic principles, so that I can choose from a wide range of courses in economic policy as well as finance and data analysis. As a recipient of a CEU scholarship, I would recommend this program because it provided me with opportunities which I otherwise could not afford."